Pennsylvania Democrat Forced to Resign Just Because He Celebrated the Flag and Christianity

A PA Democrat official was forced to resign his post after it was discovered that he had once praised the American flag and pledge his faith in Christ.

A Pennsylvania Democrat Party official was forced to resign his post after it was discovered that he had once praised the American flag and pledge his faith in Christ.

Mark Salvas, the now former executive director of the Allegheny County Democrat Party, told the media that he was asked to resign only weeks after taking the position because of the old social media post.

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MSN News has the story:

Salvas, a former Marine and Gulf War veteran, told KDKA that his forced departure was prompted by two social media posts, including one photo of him and his wife with the words: “I stand for the flag, I kneel at the cross.”

“I’m not ashamed of my patriotism, not one bit. I fought for this country. I think I have a right to have a voice and be patriotic,” Salvas told KDKA. “It’s never easy when people you have never met accuse you of things and call you names, and you’ve never met them.”

The other controversial post was from Salvas’ wife, asking for support for a family friend, a police officer who was charged with homicide in the shooting death of Antwon Rose II, an unarmed black teen who was a passenger in a car fleeing a traffic stop.

Rep. Ed Gainey (D-Penn.) told KDKA that the posts were “insensitive” and offensive to many Democrats in the state.

“To put that up on Facebook was, to me, insensitive, also to African Americans, who, as you know, have backed the Democratic Party for quite a long time, and everybody knows that it was insensitive,” Gainey said.

Salvas said his resignation was demanded “due to the controversy that was taking place on social media.”

So, that is where the Democrat Party stands, is it?

You can’t be a Democrat in good standing, much less be a party leader, if you praise the American flag and speak positively about the Christian religion.

Worse, if you are found to have done so, you will be excised from the party as if you were a cancer that needs to be destroyed.

That is what the Democrat Party has come to, folks.

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