Pelosi: Trump’s Reaction to Judge Demonstrates President’s ‘Poverty of Knowledge’ [VIDEO]

According to House Minority Leader Rep. [score]Nancy Pelosi[/score] (D-CA), President Trump’s reaction to the “so-called judge” shows his ‘poverty of knowledge.’

Pelosi went on to explain that it’s okay to voice one’s opinion over a court case – as Democrats have done over Citizens United and every other case that they didn’t agree with – but it’s not okay to try to delegitimize judges personally. Apparently, it was okay for liberals to attack Clarence Thomas as an “Uncle Tom,” though.

She added that it’s also not okay to try to discredit the press, what she called “the most important guardian of our Democracy.” What she calls the press is really the parts of the media that make Democrats look good. Everything else is just extreme right-wing propaganda “fake news” that constitutes hate speech and therefore should be shut down.

Pelosi also weighed in on what she called Trump’s “Muslim ban”:

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“He’s going out there and saying: ‘This is keeping the American people safe.’ And that has a market! People think, ‘Oh yeah, we’re vetting people so they don’t come in.’ 

“No,that is not what this is. Of course we would always subject anything to protect the American people to scrutiny to make sure it is doing its job. That’s not what this is about. 

“This is about a ban on Muslims that is unconstitutional and immoral and wrong. And the American people know it. And it is not making us safer, it is making us less safe.”

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