Pelosi Tortures House with 7-Hour Speech

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tortured the House on Wednesday with a record long speech of 7 hours on DACA and defending Dreamers.

During her miserably long speech she read letters from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipient in an attempt to guilt trip congress members.

“Our Dreamers hang in limbo, with a cruel cloud of fear and uncertainty above them. The Republican moral cowardice must end,” she said, “I’m going to go on as long as my leadership minute allows.”

The Hill reports: 

The House has no filibuster, as the majority holds tight control over floor speeches, but three members of House leadership are allowed unlimited speaking time: the Speaker, majority leader and minority leader.

Reading a note from a colleague, Pelosi noted shortly after 5 p.m. that she had set the record for the longest House speech on record since at least 1909, breaking the record held by former Speaker Champ Clark (D-Mo.), who held the floor for five hours and 15 minutes to protest tariffs.

“I just got word that the House Historian confirms you have now set the record for the longest-continuous speech in the House, since at least 1909,” Pelosi added, “I wonder what that was.”

Democrats have until March 5th to come up with a plan for Dreamers.

The White House last month outlined a plan to provide a path to citizenship for the so-called Dreamers if Democrats agree to a plan that would include spending for a border wall system on the U.S.-Mexican border, among other measures.

Reaction to Pelosi’s speech Thursday from House Democrats was largely positive, but some members who have urged House leadership to be stronger on protecting DACA recipients were less impressed by the marathon speech.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez said of Pelosi, “Good for her. I’m happy she’s stepping up. I hope now she keeps the fight going. Speeches are great…But more important is to maintain your principle.”

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