Pelosi Tells Trump to ‘Grow Up’ Over Surveillance Allegations [VIDEO]

As unsubstantiated as Trump’s ‘wiretapping’ allegations have been so far, the circumstantial evidence for it – including similar reporting of it earlier this year by the New York Times – is greater than that of the Democrats’ Russia conspiracy narrative.

But Representative and Minority Leader [score]Nancy Pelosi[/score] (D-CA) thinks that if FBI Director Comey doesn’t clear this allegation against the previous administration, then that would prove that “this administration has decided that they, with impunity, can say anything, can say anything, and it is really damaging.”

We already know that the Democrats can ‘say anything,’ and make up any story they want about why they lost. The losing political party in a presidential election is always the one that concocts conspiracy theories to explain why they didn’t win. That’s what the Democrats have been doing, are doing now, and will continue to do probably until Trump is out of office. They’re banking everything on their flimsy Russia conspiracy theory.

So, the Democrats can truly ‘say anything’ with impunity. Trump is simply doing the same thing back at them. If Democrats are going to waste time with frivolous investigations into their own concocted theories, then the President will do the same about his own. Here’s Nancy Pelosi talking with CBS’s John Dickerson on Face the Nation:

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REP. NANCY PELOSI: I think it is really important, because that is a terrible accusation to make. 

And what are they doing but doubling down on it now of quoting sources saying that the president worked with the British intelligence to also spy on the president. Of course it is not true. 

So, let’s just grow up. Why doesn’t it — grow up. The Justice Department, the FBI has to really clear this, because, otherwise, this administration has decided that they, with impunity, can say anything, can say anything, and it is really damaging. 

DICKERSON: So, you think Director Comey should come to the hearing and just put this on the table and just — and clear this up right away? 

PELOSI: I think he should, and that, certainly, if he doesn’t, I think he should be asked to do so, and why wouldn’t he? 

DICKERSON: You have faith in Director Comey to carry out the investigation into Russian efforts to meddle in the election and any connections with the Trump campaign? 

PELOSI: I think it is possible that he can do that. 

I think what he did was wrong during the election, but I don’t know who they would appoint.


PELOSI: So, the question is that. 

But I have always had admiration for Director Comey before he was there, when he was assistant attorney general. And he acted very courageously in the Bush administration when it came to surveillance and the rest of that. 

There is a mixed record there. And I am hopeful that he could go forward in a very positive way. And I think it is important for the director of the FBI not to be subjected to the president thinking he is going to investigate him, so he would terminate his service.

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