Pelosi Shows How Trump Disturbs Democrats

Trump disturbs Democrats because they firmly believe they are too great to fail.

We know that the victory of Donald Trump disturbs Democrats, but a weird delusional statement by Nancy Pelosi in an interview may give us an idea of how much Trump disturbs Democrats and why. Pelosi claimed that, “We’ve won every fight.” Maybe she only meant every appropriations fight, but it’s still a bizarre claim:

So maybe this is the answer: Democrats have an obsessive interest in believing in their own superiority. To be trolled into defeat by Donald Trump causes them mental trauma.

The Washington Free Beacon reports, “Pelosi: Democrats Have ‘Won Every Fight’ Against Republicans.

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Pelosi claimed that Democrats “won every fight” against Republicans, but she never mentioned the four special elections that Democrats spent $35 million on, only to lose to Republicans candidates. Since President Donald Trump took office in January, Democratic candidates lost in Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas, and Montana, the Washington Free Beacon reported: “Democrats have blown through $35 million on special elections since President Donald Trump took office and do not have a single victory to show for it.”

Read the entire Free Beacon story.

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