Pelosi Says that US and Mexico are “One Community with a border going through it”

Can there really be any doubt as to why Democrats fight so hard against securing the border? I really am quite amazed at the lengths Democrats will go to in an effort to pretend that border security is of any interest to them. In fact, the only thing that amazes me more is that the media continues its intellectual suicide by pretending to believe that Democrats care about border security.

On Saturday the leader of the House Democrats gave a speech near the US-Mexico border where she said a couple of very telling statements.

First: “We are all Americans — north and south in this hemisphere”

So technically, anyone living in North or South America is an “American.” But does anyone actually believe this is what she meant? No way. She is describing an American cultural experience; she is saying that people south of our border have as much right to our nation as we “real” Americans do. It’s preposterous, because Mexico would not afford us those same benefits (see Sgt. Tahmooresi). Also, are there any Mexican politicians saying that we “are all Mexican?” No way, Jose.

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Second: “This is a community, with a border going through it.”

Nope. Not at all. These are two different communities separated by a border. Now some people in one community may travel to the other. Some folks may live in one community and have family in the other. But these are two very different communities. One only has to look at the difference between El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. While both cities may have high populations of Latinos, the communities are quite different in many respects. In fact, the folks living in El Paso work very hard to keep what happens in Juarez in Juarez. We are two VERY different communities, and the border is not a “feature” of our communities — it is what separates us and protects our population.

Watch as Pelosi argues for the destruction of United States and embrace of lawlessness.

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