Pelosi Claims Democrats are Winning

If she is right that the Democrats are winning, the main reason may be Senate rules.

Nancy Pelosi claimed that Democrats are winning. While this is cheerleading on Pelosi’s part, in an attempt to encourage other Democrats, some of what she says is partially true. Particularly, the New York Times report points out that the Senate is where Democrats have managed to use their power to prevent legislation.

Of course, this raises the question of whether Senate Republicans really are doing everything in their power to win.

The New York Times reports, “‘The New Washington’: Though Out of Power, Democrats Are Winning the Fight, Pelosi Says.

“We didn’t win the elections, but we’ve won every fight,” she said about the legislative agenda. “We’ve won every fight on the omnibus spending bill — you know the appropriations bills and the rest. You look at everything, they have no victories!”

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In her post as House minority leader, Ms. Pelosi is in the congressional leadership position that arguably has the least influence of the top four. The rules of the Senate and the power of the filibuster give the Senate minority leader significant leverage. But the House is a majority-rules institution, and the majority can roll over the opposition fairly easily, as reflected in the scores of bills the Republican-led House has passed, only to see them languish in the Senate, where Democratic votes are needed in most cases to get anywhere.


She cautioned that a Democratic triumph would not be “easy or a foregone conclusion,” but that “it’s a door that is very wide open for us to recruit and raise the resources and raise the issues to win.”

If Ms. Pelosi can somehow maneuver her party through that door, she could regain the speakership and move closer to the head of the negotiating table in her own right.

Read the entire New York Times story.

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