Pelosi Blubbers Over GOP Tax Bill: ‘It’s the End of the World….it’s Armageddon’

Knock, knock…the light is on but no one is home at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s!

The Congresswoman has spoken out about her feelings on the GOP’s final tax reform, calling it the “worst bill in the history of the United States Congress.”

She said, “Now, how can I make that claim? Well, because it involves more money, hurts more people, increases the deficit by so much more, and just because everything is bigger in our country.”

Except….it will be saving Americans money out the wazoo! It doesn’t hurt people, it helps them! Tax reform is one of Trump’s campaign promises that got him elected and now he’s out here fulfilling hs promises, one right after the next.

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Independent Journal Review reports:

House Republicans passed the bill on a 227-203 vote. If it reaches the president’s desk, the reform would cut individual and corporate tax rates.

As Pelosi noted, the bill would likely raise the federal deficit. Although the cost of the current version is unclear, the Congressional Budget Office estimated similar versions would deepen the deficit by more than $1 trillion.

Pelosi also derided the way Republicans pushed the bill through Congress, suggesting that they rushed the bill without proper consideration.

“[A] multitrillion-dollar economy being addressed by a bill that had no hearings, no expert testimony, just the speed of light, as [Rep.] Jamie Raskin says, the speed of light in the dark of night, here we are,” Pelosi blubbered.

She also called the legislation “Armageddon” because it repeals Obamacare’s individual mandate.

She said, “No, it is the end of the world. The debate over health care is life and death. This is Armageddon.”

For the love of all things good, Pelosi needs to retire.

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