Paul Ryan on Trump’s Alleged Comments: ‘They Were Unhelpful and Unfortunate’

By now, everyone knows the comments allegedly made by President Donald Trump, when he called countries like Haiti, ‘sh*tholes.’

However there is no proof that Trump actually said that, and he denies that he made that vulgar comment at all. Even if he did though….is he wrong? If those countries were so great, would the people really be trying to hard to get out?

House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke out on Friday, stating that the alleged comments were “very unfortunate” and “unhelpful.”

He added that his ancestors were Irish immigrants who experienced prejudices when they first came to America.

The Hill reports: 

The Speaker said he had read press accounts Thursday night about Trump’s immigration meeting with lawmakers in which he reportedly complained about restoring protected status for immigrants from “shithole countries” like Haiti, El Salvador and some African nations.

“The first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate, unhelpful,” Ryan continued, “But you know what I thought of right away? I thought of my own family.

“My family, like a whole lot of people, came from Ireland on what they called coffin ships and came here and worked the railroads. The Irish were really looked down upon in those days,” he said.

“I hear all these stories from my relatives about ‘Irish need not apply.’ [The Irish] could basically get constructions jobs, cops or firefighter jobs. And James and Catherine Ryan came over and literally worked the railroad until they had enough money to buy a farm, which happened to be outside of Janesville, Wisconsin,” Ryan recalled.

He said, “Then their son, my great-grandfather, started a railroad business with horse plows and it’s an earth-moving business which to this day is run by my cousins. It is a beautiful story of America, and that is a great story.”

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“That is a story we have today. That is a story we had yesterday. And that is what makes this country so exceptional and unique in the first place,” Ryan continued, “So I see this as something to celebrate and I think it’s a big part of our strength, whether you are coming from Haiti — we’ve got great friends from Africa in Janesville who are doctors, who are just incredible citizens.”

Ryan is the first GOP member to criticize the alleged comments.

He concluded, “I regret these comments that he made. I think that should be absolutely disavowed.”

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