Pat Buchanan Makes This Prediction About Trump and Syria that Most People Won’t Want to Hear

I’m obviously in the minority when it comes to foreign policy and war. I admit I had a glimmer of hope that Trump would be the outsider he campaigned on, and that he would put an end to the U.S.’s aggressive and costly foreign policy.

Things change when a candidate actually becomes president though. The people who surround the president – many of whom he chooses – give intel and advice, and give the president few options, giving him the impression that those are the only options, and that ‘no action’ is not an option. If a person enters the presidency with little or no principles, he (or she) will be easily swayed by his advisors, many of whom have a vested interest in going to war.

The favorite excuse is ‘national security.’ Even though Syria didn’t attack us, U.S. officials claimed that bombing them was a matter of national security, because the chemical weapons might end up in the hands of ISIS, who might use them on us or our allies. It’s sort of like saying we need to confiscate people’s guns, because they might end up in the wrong hands.

I acknowledge that I am in the minority, but I certainly not alone. Even many of Trump’s supporters are dismayed by his military actions. Commentator and author Pat Buchanan weighed in on the matter, issuing this warning about Trump’s war policy:

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PAT BUCHANAN: It is a mixed picture, but you’re right I was very supportive of Trump from the day he came down the elevator and took the positions he took on ‘America First’ and nationalism, and economic trade, and securing the border. He was the one that did that. He won a good victory and I was delighted election night…

But it clearly looks like when you saw that launch on Syria– What bothered me was not that the Syrians didn’t deserve it, but he has taken a first step, and if he puts another foot into Syria, he will never get out, and we will never get out of the middle east, and it will consume his presidency. 

He’s put the ball in the court of the others, who are going to see if they have to make some kind of response…

[The Anti Trump people who supported his action in Syria] are Russophobes, they want to get in Putin’s face, which I have no desire to do. And they can not get enough of these mideast wars!

I think Buchanan is right. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t want to learn from history. They’re sure that this time it will be different. It’s like people who talk about how great socialism is. When you point out that socialism has always ended in failure, they’ll say that you just need to put the ‘right people’ in charge. Then, it’ll work.

I’m not opposed to war. But I am opposed to it when we have not been attacked. Just like I’m not opposed to killing someone as long as it was done in self-defense.

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