Pastor Tony Evans Has the Answer for Racial Reconciliation in America – Return to the Bible

Popular Pastor and leader in the African-American community, Tonty Evans, recently took black America to task for failing to take responsibility for the breakdown of the black family in America. Pastor Evans is the pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. He was also the first African-American to earn a doctorate in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, which is where he was discussing racial reconciliation and the role of the church with Dr. Darell Bock.


We’ve got this discussion about what should be happening kind of across the racial divide with each other and how we build these relationships. The other aspect of the question is what the black community needs to get about itself in order to help build those bridges?” Bock first asked Evans.

 Evans replied: “The first thing we’ve gotta get back to is the biblical standard that God holds us to, not the White guy, not even other black but God holds us to.”

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Dr._Tony_Evans“The biggest problem in black America today is the breakdown of the family…the breakdown of the family is unraveling us as a community. When 70 percent plus of your children are being born out of wedlock and the fathers are not there to tend to them, you’ve got chaos in the community. That’s crime, that’s unemployment and most of these kids are going to be raised in poverty. And that’s something we control,” the megachurch pastor explained.

In highlighting the brokenness of the modern black American family, Dr. Evans referenced slavery and how, during that time, black families were “a lot stronger” despite oppression.

 “The White man is not making you do that. He’s not forcing you into that position. That’s a convenient out. In slavery when we did not have laws on our side, the community on our side, the government on our side, the broader community on our side, our families were a lot stronger. We were a lot more unified and we made a lot more progress. We’re going through regression right now and a lot of that is because of decision-making we are responsible for,” said Evans.


(The relevant section starts at around 7:40)


Both sides of the racial aisle have work to do when it comes to racial reconciliation. Racism, the hatred of another person based on the amount of melanin in their skin, is sin. While the color of our skin may be different, as Christians we have a deeper connection than the shade of color in our skin, and we must overcome the disgusting sin of racism. Thank you Dr. Evans for helping us to do this!

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