Could You Pass Arizona’s State Civics Test?

On Thursday, Arizona governor Doug Ducey signed new bill passed by Arizona legislators requiring students take and pass a civics test. All high school students will have to pass the exam before they can graduate.

They must correctly answer 60 of 100 questions on government subjects. this means that a D is passing.

These include current and past presidents, and details of the Constitution.

Arizona’s new legislation is part of a nationwide push by the Joe Foss Institute, which aims to have all 50 states adopt the requirement by 2017.

“The bill is part of a larger campaign by the Civics Education Initiative, an affiliate of the Joe Foss Institute, a nonpartisan nonprofit based in Scottsdale, Ariz., to mandate the U.S. citizenship exam in schools around the country. The group said that 18 additional states are reviewing similar bills, noting that the North Dakota House of Representatives also passed a civics-education bill Thursday.”

The next thing we need to do is give a similar test to voters and a test on the Constitution to Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch…


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