Gov. Moonbeam Pardons Anti-ICE Activist Facing Deportation

Governor Moonbeam comes to the rescue… Absolved of their past violent crimes by Governor Jerry Brown’s pardons. American citizens no longer matter to Democrats whatsoever.

Someone needs to ask. Since he’s been in the country for 37 years why hasn’t he already applied for his citizenship?

How can he demand rights and securities when he has not taken the steps to citizenship? Its hard to swallow the blatant contradictions and hypocrisy.

Daily Wire:

Governor Jerry Brown has pardoned an anti-ICE activist facing deportation who helped advance the effort to turn California into a so-called “sanctuary state.”

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Phal Sok was among three Cambodian refugees with criminal records who recently had their past crimes absolved by the state’s top executive. Although Sok has been lawfully present in this country since his arrival in the early 1980s, his rap sheet included three felony convictions that made him a deportation target.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the pardons “wipe the crimes off the California Department of Justice and FBI books.”

Brown said Sok is currently under removal proceedings. However, the pardon could eliminate the federal government’s justification for deporting him. More

The Sacramento Bee:

Sok came to the U.S. at three months old and has lived in the United States legally for 37 years. He was convicted and sentenced in Los Angeles County in 2000 for robbery with the use of a firearm, according to the Governor’s Office. He served 15 years in prison and was discharged in August 2017.

Brown said he works at a nonprofit “dedicated to criminal justice reform,” adding that those who know Sok describe him as a “tireless advocate for immigrants, particularly refugee children and youth,” and a “true American.”

It’s not the first time Brown has issued pardons to help former convicts avoid deportation. Last December, he pardoned two Northern California men after being picked up in immigration sweeps. The residents of Modesto and Davis were also refugees from Cambodia. In April 2017, he issued pardons to three military veterans who had been deported to Mexico. More

How exactly does a Governor pardon someone from a federal crime? I’m sorry Governor Brown, pardoning someone on state charges does not affect this person’s federal crime of illegal entry.

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