Palestinian Muslim Drives Car into Crowded Bus Stop, Gets Out and Stabs Jewish Man to Death

I’ve come to believe that our world is in a moral, intellectual and logical tailspin.

Day in and day out I chronicle these heartbreaking, infuriating and depressing stories of woe, but it’s not the stories themselves that usually get to me. I believe that every person has it within themselves to commit terrible deeds; it is the reaction to the stories that usually gets under my skin. Hillary Clinton recklessly puts us all at risk with her “homebrewed” server (that would send anyone else to prison) and people react like it’s no big deal. A Christian woman goes to jail for refusing to sign a marriage license for a gay couple, and most Americans think she got what she deserved. Planned Parenthood gets caught red-handed torturing and murdering children in the most heinous of ways, then selling their body parts for incredible profit… and people still DEFEND them.

We live in a dangerous and confusing time.

However, one of the oddest examples of the backwards nature of our generation comes to us from the Middle East. Israel is the only nation in the region with Western culture, values and philosophy. They are the only nation where people are not treated differently for the color of their skin, their gender, their sexual preference, their religion, or for any other reason. They are the only nation that is a true Democratic-Republic that seeks to honor the will of its citizens in their actions, and they are the only nation in the region firmly opposed to pedophilia, rape, or genocide. But for some reason our backwards planet hates Israel more than any of their neighbors. So deep is this hatred that the world (particularly liberals) support Muslim terrorists, who have been launching suicide attacks on innocent civilians for 50 years, again, over Israel!

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Those poor Palestinians proved once again just how bloodthirsty and evil they are this past weekend when they, once again, attacked a crowd of helpless innocents.

The Jerusalem Post has the story of a Muslim terrorist who drove his car into a crowd at a bus stop before jumping out of his vehicle and stabbing one of his victims to death.

A Palestinian terrorist drove his vehicle into a group of several people waiting at a bus stop. He then exited his car with a meat cleaver and began attacking the wounded and others with the implement.

Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 60, was killed, apparently both from the vehicular attack and the axe wounds while two other people were seriously injured.

 Please be Warned the video is Graphic:

But that wasn’t the only Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem last week…

Earlier Tuesday, two Jewish men were stabbed to death, and three others seriously wounded in gun and knife attack on an Egged bus in the capital’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood, located next to the flashpoint Arab neighborhood Jabel Mukaber.

The Jerusalem attacks came shortly after a stabbing attack in the central Israeli city of Ra’anana. In that attack, a man was lightly wounded and the terrorist was apprehended by passersby. A second attack occurred in Ra’anana some 90 minutes later, in which four people were wounded.

If you’re counting, that was four separate terrorist attacks on innocent civilians in the space of a week. This is what the people of Israel live with day in and day out even as they get blamed for the violence in their nation.

You may have reasons for believing Israel is at fault in their conflict with the Palestinians and their other Muslim neighbors, but I would have you consider this: if tomorrow a peace accord were offered where both sides agreed to lay down their arms (and they could trust each other to do so), Israel would sign the deal, the Palestinians would not. That alone should answer the question of who is at fault in this struggle. If the Palestinians laid down their guns tomorrow, life would vastly improve for them… if Israel laid down its guns, they would be wiped off the map.

If Palestine were to lay down their guns tomorrow, there would be no war. If Israel were to lay down theirs, there would be no Israel.         – Benjamin Netanyahu

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