PA Enforces Vape Tax, Threatens Vape Industry

Taxation is theft!

It is understandable some taxing is needed to successfully run things. However, our country taxes the heck out of everything! Just like Chicago’s ridiculous sugary drink tax, which makes soda extremely pricey.

Pennsylvania has enforced a vape tax on the e-cigarettes and their products. While this tax helped the state overall by raking in a staggering $13 million, it has nearly killed the vape industry in the the state.

The law, which took effect almost one year ago, taxes 40 percent of vape products. The Department of Revenue says the tax has brought in $13.7 million, reported.

But despite the tax’s popularity among lawmakers, vape shop business owners say the levy is forcing many of them to shut down.

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More than a quarter of the state’s estimated 400 shops have closed, the Vapor Technology Association says. In order to stay open, owners have had to increase prices.

Vape advocates also say the tax could cause a public health issue. They argue that vaping offers a healthy alternative to tobacco, and higher prices could turn people away.

Many people have picked up the habit of vaping in order to curb the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. Vaping does not contain tobacco, but does contain the nicotine. Therefore the addiction is met, without the the extremely bad side effects.

Although the toxin levels are lower than traditional cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that more research is needed.

There have been advocates working to repeal the vape tax, but they have not been successful thus far.

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