How Outraged will Liberals Get? Obama Supporter Louis Farrakhan calls Rudy Giuliani a “Privileged Cracker” and “Devil” for Speaking Out against Obama!

Liberals across America spent the past week with their panties in a twist about comments Mayor Rudy Giuliani made questioning President Obama’s love of country. Sure, Rudy’s comments were inflammatory and liberals could have debated the issue – instead they chose to attack Giuliani’s opinion (based on examples) with ad hominems and mean-spirited rhetoric. One Obama supporter jumped the shark though with his attacks on the former New York City Mayor.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was not happy with Giuliani’s comments about the President and let the world know about it in the sermon he preached on Sunday.

“Giuliani says Obama does not love America. And instead of apologizing, they say he doubled down, he tripled down, he said, ‘I’m not taking this back. He didn’t grow up like we grew up.

farrakhan_obamaHow did you grow up, Giuliani? A privileged cracker? Or I should say, a privileged devil?!

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You grew up on the sweat and the blood of black men and women who made America before your fathers got here! All of you Europeans, you recent immigrants that have found a home in America, and you are so happy. But you walking on our blood. Our blood soaks the soil of America!”


Yep. It’s not just Giuliani who is a horrible person for living a full and happy life in North America… all European immigrants and their descendants are evil, vile creatures for being so happy while walking on the “blood soaked soil of America.” The logical fallacies that must fill the mind of Farrakhan and his supporters are simply astounding, and the worst part isn’t that his hatred is being carried on to the next generation … no, it’s that he and his followers could be living a similarly happy and productive life if they’d simply leave behind their violent and racist rhetoric.

I’m not saying “forget” about what has happened in the past. I am saying build for the future, just like your ancestors did. The men and women who pushed for Civil Rights immediately after the Civil War through the 1960’s fought hard for the future, and now Farrakhan and his ilk are so thoroughly focused on the past that they’ve become stuck – mired in a sea of vitriol and angst.

It’s sad really.

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