Outraged Hillary Clinton Proves Her Weakness Attacks Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton may well be the worst candidate for President to ever make a serious bid for the nomination from either of the two major parties, and she’s once again proving just how weak she is by being forced to attack crazy socialist Bernie Sanders. In almost any other national election year there would be no reason to ever say anything about “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score]… other than the fact that he’s a socialist. Sanders would stand no chance at election, simply because he’s an open, avowed socialist. However, all he needed to become a “real” candidate was to face against the worst politician of our generation – Hillary Clinton.

Just listen to what Ben Domenech of the Federalist has to say about Hillary Clinton’s terrible campaign.

It is amazing to me the thickness of the bubble that has surrounded Hillary throughout this entire process. And even these modest attacks on her are interpreted by all of her allies as being something completely out of the realm, something completely inappropriate. That’s just a sign of how weak of a candidate that she is. 

At the end of the day, Bernie Sanders is on track to win 40% of the popular vote in the Democratic party. The only person in the history of the party in the modern era who has had that happen and then not become the nominee was Hillary Clinton in 2008. That shows her weakness.

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Just how bad is Hillary Clinton’s campaign? She’s actually trying to defend her horrific foreign policy ideas.

Jake Tapper: Jeff Weaver, Sen. Sanders’ campaign manager said that your foriegn policy, and you support a foreign policy that helped give rise to ISIS

Hillary Clinton: That is beyond absurd. They’re saying a lot of things these days, and I’m just going to let them say whatever they choose to say.

ISIS was primarily the result of the [power] vacuum in Syria caused by Assad first and foremost, aided and abetted by Iran and Russia. 

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is not at all surprised by Clinton’s recent attacks on his campaign and warns that the attacks are likely just beginning.

Well I appreciate Bill Clinton being my psychoanalyst. It’s always nice.

But the reality is that ever since Wisconsin, when that became the sixth out of seven states that we have won in either caucuses or primaries, I think the Clinton campaign has made it public, basically, they told the media, that here in New York they’re about to become very negative, about to beat us up.

I just want them to understand that we have tried to run an issue-oriented campaign. But that we are not going to be attacked every single day. Our record is not going to be distorted.

It’s all just more evidence of Domenech’s thesis – Hillary Clinton is a historically weak candidate for president and her troubles are just beginning.

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