Our Principles PAC Explains the Difference between what You Believe and What Donald Trump Believes


The folks at Our Principles PAC are NOT fans of Donald J. Trump, but you’ll figure that out pretty quick as you watch the following video. Many conservatives have long argued that Donald Trump did not share our values or our core beliefs, and Our Principles PAC set about using Mr. Trump’s own words to prove it.

The video weaves its way from socialized medicine to tax increases to Trump admitting that he favors the Democrat Party. It doesn’t stop there – the video then shows Trump talking about the importance of increasing gun control at the federal level, to his comments that the Republican Party is just “too crazy” and that the party is far too conservative. The video then cuts to Trump telling Tim Russert that his views are very different from those of voters in Iowa, then he transitions into arguing that he is “very pro-abortion”.

However, perhaps the most damning part of the video is his vocal, unqualified support for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

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They also released two very aggressive radio ads hitting Trump for being untrustworthy. Ouch.

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