Our Nation is in the Midst of a Sad Generational Decline

How many remember the scene from the movie “Patton,” when George C Scott exclaims, “Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!”?  I think this is accurate, but never-the-less, the point being is to know one’s enemy.

From a personal side, I recently have been going back and forth with a golfing acquaintance, who is just about my total opposite.  He is college educated, a retired governmental worker and an enthusiastic progressive.  In his mind, leftward ho is the answer.

Recently, after months of this going nowhere diatribe, routines from our communication began to form which became obvious and somewhat familiar.  This pattern, whether written or verbal, stymies, hampers, confuses and frustrates, and above all, avoids any truth or responsibility.

This correspondence grew from one or two messages to a dozen or more at one sitting, with all containing the same evasive style.  When unable to defend a position, his reply changed the subject.  Also, typical was the making of wild and unfounded “facts.”

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The point to all this is that I recognized this man’s tactics from a book that I had previously read, so I was able to detect his methods.  That eye opening book was and is, Rules For Radicals, by Saul Alinsky.

Quoting from Alinsky’s chapter entitled “Tactics,” one in which he lists his numerous “rules,” on page 128, he states that, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.  It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule.”

Well, short of losing one’s temper and turning a verbal exchange into a physical one, ridicule does put one on the defensive.  Instead of a fair exchange of ideas, one accuses while the other defends, with the accuser commanding the debate.  So, Alinsky is correct when he further states that, “it infuriates the opposition who then react to your advantage.”

I submit that without being aware, we are constantly reacting to the advantage of the person who is pressing the issue, debate or even the protest. The advantage is obviously to the initiator, the proactive stance rather than with the reactive party.

Clinton AlinskyToday, we are awash in another Alinsky motif — “agitate to the point of conflict.”  This initially surfaced during the sixties and in the same college squares, which the unrest of today is found simmering.

During the intervening fifty or so years, various feel good issues have sparked youthful minds into organized protest.  However, today, their “growing pains” invade a portion of our Constitutional format for electing our Nation’s next leader.   It seems likely that today’s youth have added “protest” to Alinsky’s “agitate to the point of conflict”

Alinsky’s purpose for writing such a manual needs our scrutiny.  His bottom line was and is to eradicate American society as we know it.  To reverse the power structure or, if you prefer, the establishment.  Sound familiar?  It should since this is the message from both democrat candidates.

While never being an official card carrying communist, Alinsky’s sympathies and beliefs are closely related.  In short, he is our enemy and a menace to America’s young and impressionable minds.  His long ago influence upon a college aged Hillary earned admiration through her Alinsky based college thesis.

It is apparent that our American landscape of unity and prosperity has changed dramatically.  When understanding that communism can only come to fruition in poorer countries, America’s current devaluing should heighten our anxieties.  Also, when listening to both democrat candidates, it likewise becomes inescapable that socialism is their mantra.

The communist model is a proven failure.  However, to the young and inexperienced mind, the appeal of free tuition verses debt is irresistible.  This also is the attraction when political campaigns feature a predominant scheduling of campus rallies.

Today’s higher learning facilities are nothing more than expensive indoctrination camps.  This can be the only conclusion when realizing that Marx’s Communist Manifesto is one of the most widely assigned books on our American campuses.  This doctrine is a cancer and with its center in academia, America’s future is on a generational time table.

As with my previous correspondence, his political beliefs align comfortably with current college indoctrinations and with today’s liberal governmental policies.  Point being is that this mindset extends from his retired generation downward into today’s classrooms.  Thus, the accumulated math from a generational perspective becomes frightening.


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