Our Dishonest Media: A Parody of an LA Times Editorial

Our Dishonest Media

A Parody of the LA Times Editorial of April 2, 2017

by Jack Garman

It was no secret during the primary and general election campaigns that the mainstream media was narcissistic and demagogic. They misused public engagement and trust to present a false picture of the candidacy of Donald Trump to American voters. The media was unprepared to report his detailed agenda, no matter how many times he reiterated his intentions at rallies and in position papers. They were unsuited by means of their elitist bias for the job of a free press. They insisted that if they were wrong about the election, we would be forced to read the word ‘catastrophe’ as a permanent feature of their reporting.

Still, nothing prepared the American public for the magnitude of this media train wreck. Like millions of other Americans, we clung to a slim hope that the new media would turn out to be all noise and bluster, or that someone, anyone, who worked in print, broadcast or electronic media would act as a check on their own worst reporting, or that they would be sobered and transformed by the awesome responsibilities of a free press.

Instead, some seventy days in, and with about 2850 to go before Ivanka is sworn in, it is increasingly clear that the media has completely abandoned everyone but their elitist commanders and left the American public to wander in a publishing desert of biased fact-picking. In a matter of weeks, the media has published dozens of real-life reports that, if they are not expanded with a full recitation of pertinent, factual details, will rip newspapers apart, foul the airwaves, intensify the calamitous effects of the internet garbage gyre and profoundly weaken the information system of informed American decision-making for all. The media failure to present a clear picture of health care reform is a shimmering example of how they have misinformed both poor and rich. And they are proceeding with efforts to bloat the public ignorance of facts and defang anyone who disagrees with them as they continue to insist on the accuracy of the fractured information delivered by their selective journalism.

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These are immensely dangerous developments that threaten to weaken this country’s informed engagement with the affairs of the day, imperil the planet daily, and blot out any sense of the revolutionary changes in governmental affairs that our duly elected President will bring about and that will quickly benefit everyone in this country. But, chilling as they are, these radically puddinheaded articles and bloviations are not, in fact, the most frightening aspect of the media.

What is worrisome about the media is the media themselves. They know better, but, they are so predictably under the thumb of their own ignorance, so reckless, so petulant, so full of blind self-regard, so disconnected to facts on the ground that it is impossible to know where the media will lead or how much damage they will do to our nation. Their obsession with their own ideologies, their determination to crush any fact that reminds them they are mistaken at their core, their craving for adulation, these traits are, of course, at the very heart of their relentless false-flag reportage; indeed, some of these qualities are precisely what helps to sell their advertising services. But compared to a real media that wields unimaginable power, the modern media are nothing short of their own victims of their own, self-inflicted ignorance, their own blindness to facts, coldly untouched by their own shame for their desperate misrepresentations.

Although their articles are, for the most part, gotcha variations on intro-to-j-school pop quizzes, (many of which are mimicked without comprehension by anyone with a keyboard) they become far more dangerous in the hands of imprudent and erratic media. Many journalists deliver tighter information control through shorter articles with only one stilted set of preapproved facts, but this cock-of-the-walk journalism ignores millions of readers’ detailed knowledge of the rest of the story. As an example, every American citizen knows that we all have to obey all the laws, but when a specific category of lawbreaker is gifted with catch-and-release, reporting on this matter typically shows a blithering disregard for the dignity of citizenship within this country. As a result, at least one foreign government has published pamphlets that show their citizens how to break our laws with results that are appalling.

When the media casts about for any and every morsel of mud to throw at the President of the United States, I’ll be reading. I’ll look for every example of the lies of omission that parade in black and white across the page, across the screen, and that give off unmistakeable silent reverberations across the airwaves. And I won’t be alone. In the days ahead, I will look more closely at the media, with a special attention to any troubling traits that everyone can see in black and white before them. These may include, but are not limited to:

The media’s shocking lack of respect for their own fundamental rules and institutions on which our freedoms are based.

Since the ‘Wiretapped’ headline of Jan. 20th, the media has repeatedly disparaged and challenged their own facts, even those printed in large type with black ink, and done so in a way that generates the advertiser dollars that undergirds their selective reading skills. They have clashed with their own information, demeaned subscribers and casual readers alike, and brought into question their own credibility. They have failed to share any depth of understanding of the electoral college and failed to expose the tyranny of the majority. They have lashed out at voters and declared them ‘too stupid to vote’ rather than defending the importance of a critically well-informed, independent-minded populace. Their contempt for the citizens of this country and those citizens’ deep knowledge of their own political realities is overwhelmingly obvious.

The media’s utter lack of understanding of the connection between facts and truth.

Whether it is the endless variations on the sentence ‘Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia,’ or their inability to read a headline that says ‘Wiretapped’ the media regularly fails to water their reports with suitable facts. It’s difficult to know what they haven’t told us or whether they intentionally leave out impertinent facts to befuddle readers, deflect criticism and undermine the very idea of objective truth. Whatever the explanation, they are encouraging Americans to accept only selected facts, disrespect any other facts, and even disregard official government documents generated by electronic collection methods that prove the previous executive was responsible for listening to the private conversations of his political rivals. They insist by vacant repetition that we simply bite down on the few curated bits of data that advance their elite ideas and no others. This is a recipe for a divided populace that is locked into constant fascination with shocking half-truths in which differences grow deeper and rational compromise becomes impossible.

Their scary willingness to repeat themselves over and over without adding any useful, factual information and out-of-this-world disregard for any sort of completeness in their reporting.

Again, it is not clear what they are doing besides pulling in advertising dollars but to cling to the same set of partial facts about the plans of our duly elected government, and to hide everything else the media learns has been their commonplace tactic since the primaries began. It is deeply alarming that the media would lend credibility to anything they themselves have reported.

Where will this end? Will the media moderate their self-indulgent fact-picking? Or will they provoke confrontations between citizens with more in common than the media can understand? Will they out-Hearst Hearst and furnish both the pictures and the war? Will the media step on their own message of truth and accuracy with more and more half-measures of both? Already the vast media empires of the distant past crumble in their desperate grasping for the scraps of a more and more fractured audience. It cannot be repeated often enough – Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia.

When the New York Times published a headline that began ‘Wiretapped’ on Inauguration Day and thereby provided a wholesale rebuke of the departing administration, the media hid under a blanket of illiteracy. Suddenly, the media lost, on a wholesale basis, the ability to read. And without the ability to read, even to read large letters in heavy black type, our republic will simply have to soldier on without them, reading more and more elsewhere, learning more and more about what the President of the United States was rightfully elected to do. We’ve survived their plagiarism, we’ve survived their fact-picking, we’ve survived their fabricated wars.

But to do so again, those who know better than to believe what they read in the papers must put down their subscriptions, raise their eyes to a wider field of view. Voters have to learn better than to accept the trendy yellow vacancy of the modern media establishment.

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