Ouch. Former Florida GOP Chair says Rubio has ZERO Chance to Win!

Former Florida Republican Party chairman (and Jeb Bush supporter), Al Cardenas, had some very hard truth for Senator [score]Marco Rubio[/score] (R-FL). While speaking with Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin on Tuesday’s episode of With All Due Respect Cardenas told the host that he had come to accept what was happening in the race and that Marco Rubio had “zero chance” at winning the nomination because it has become a two person race between [score]Ted Cruz[/score] and Donald Trump.

Over on Fox News, GOP strategist Ed Rollins too an even dimmer view of Rubio’s campaign hopes, calling the Florida Senator “a failed candidate.”

“I think when he got into the fray, we had an optimistic, very smart candidate. He should have stayed on the optimism but in the fray three weeks ago, he was battered pretty badly and he’s certainly not effective candidate. No place for him to go. Even winning his state, which I don’t think he will, it’s a close race and no place to go after that. there’s no support… No support. Look at the numbers. No support… He is a great talent. Very smart guy and absolutely failed now as a candidate and it’s I think over for him,Rollins told Fox News’ Chris Matthews.

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It’s not just GOP leaders like Cardenas or analysts like Rollins who have written off Marco Rubio’s campaign, either. On Wednesday’s episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, no one on their panel could find anything good to say about Rubio and his campaign.

It should be noted by the way that Joe Scarborough had predicted this outcome and had said on Tuesday that Rubio was about to get pounded by Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

Trump, 38%. Kasich, 35. Marco Rubio is down at 5% in Ohio, a state the Republicans have to win. In Michigan, Marco Rubio, a distant fourth place. In Mississippi Marco Rubio down 20, 30 points. This is going to be a brutal day for Marco Rubio. And there is beginning to be talk that maybe Rubio should get out of the race before Florida because, if he gets destroyed in all of these races and loses his home state, that his political career may be over…

This is a guy that’s the future of the Republican party and all that. He keeps finishing in third and fourth place. His people know there is no way forward. They know he’s going to get trounced today. They know he’s going to come in last place today in the biggest state today. We know he’s going to lose badly in Mississippi. We know he’s going to lose badly across the board.

I set all that up to say what does Marco Rubio have to gain by staying in the race, winning Florida but then finishing up in a distant fourth place in the rest of the states. He — it’s — I guess what I am saying is, the upside just doesn’t — doesn’t justify the massive downside, which is, in effect, the end of his political career.

What’s happened with Marco Rubio? Here’s a guy that was supposed to be — and people are still writing as if he is just — God’s chosen candidate for the Republican party. Still writing and calling him a once in a generation candidate. I can’t believe what I am reading.

Let’s say he is half as good as his fans in the media had claimed he had been over the past year and a half. The same people that were bashing me for telling the truth about him, that he just wasn’t that good of a candidate, wasn’t going to do well. But let’s say he is half that good. What has happened to his campaign? Why has he failed as miserably as he has?

Things are not looking good for Marco Rubio (R-FL), and I think that Scarborough is right; Rubio must walk away from the campaign before the Florida primary. If Rubio walks away now he could help Ted Cruz defeat Donald Trump in the GOP primary, and that would win him a lot of goodwill from the rest of the GOP (particularly from Ted Cruz).

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