Ouch: Actor James Woods Destroys Planned Parenthood in Mother’s Day Tweet

Conservatives across America have fallen in love with James Woods for more reasons than just his fine acting and acerbic wit. His decision to stand in the gap and become Hollywood’s conservative voice in the wilderness has made him a beloved figure among downtrodden and  beleaguered conservatives everywhere.

He has used his brilliant intellect to the benefit of America by wielding his Twitter account like a sword and cutting down liberal fallacies wherever he finds them.

His latest Tweet hammered Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards for her willing ignorance and her futile attempt at celebrating a holiday that she obviously loathes.

Here’s what Richards tweeted on Mother’s Day:

The tone-deaf, ironic, and completely ridiculous tweet was met by this perfect response from Woods:

Ouch. Burn.

Truth is our best weapon, and the truth that Woods delivered in just a few well-chosen words spoke volumes.

Richards and Planned Parenthood have spent decades waging war on families, they’ve murdered countless millions and have been the chief architects of the greatest holocaust the world has ever seen. We should never allow them a moments peace and that includes when they feebly attempt to mark Mother’s Day while making so many would-be mothers, childless.

Richards and her clan of violent, blood-thirsty post-modernists whose selfishness and narcissism knows no bounds, would gladly murder one billion babies if it bought them a moment more of personal pleasure. Because at the end of the day, everything is always about them, isn’t it?

Thankfully, there were many other Twitter users who were ready to jump on the Woods bandwagon and hammer away at Planned Parenthood’s monstrous idiocy.



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