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Spotlight on Nonie Darwish: Engaging With Patriots in the San Fernando Valley

“The magnitude of this event [9/11] turned the world into a scary place. And perhaps the scariest part of all was that these terrorists believed they were doing God’s work. They were trained to view life on earth as of no value and that no act, no matter how barbaric, was off-limits if in pursuit of jihad.”  —Nonie Darwish

After the Pledge

Dr. Karen Kenney, leader of the San Fernando Valley Patriots, opened a meeting of the Patriots at a local eatery in Canoga Park, on September 13, 2014, with the Pledge of Allegiance.  This was followed by a warm welcome for the speaker, Nonie Darwish.

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Who Is Nonie?

Ms. Darwish is an Egyptian-American human rights activist who is the founder of Arabs for Israel.  She is also the Director of Former Muslims United and the author of several informative books dealing with the truth about Islam and Sharia Law.

Nonie Darwish grew up in Egypt, but she moved to America when she was 29 and converted to Christianity.  She educates non-Muslims—infidels—about the ins and outs of Islam and Sharia.

Islam Is a Fire

nonie darwishMs. Darwish describes Islam as a fire that must be put out, or else it will grow until it destroys everything by the sword.  Islam has laws against democracy, free speech, and women’s rights.  “Islam,” says Ms. Darwish, “is exactly the opposite of Judaism and Christianity.  Under Islam, every single one of the Ten Commandments gets broken.  In Islam, everything is permitted.”

According to Ms. Darwish, Muslims proselytize to “hateful misfits and criminals.”  They convert prisoners, unhappy college students, and many who have been taught to feel downtrodden.  “Muslims are supposed to lie to infidels, steal property from them, steal their wives, murder them . . . anything to advance Islam.”  And this kind of revengeful acting out is satisfying to angry, disaffected people.

Islam tells angry, hateful people that they are justified to feel the way they do.  And, in return, these mad converts add fuel to the Islamic fire.

Islam Is Pro-Slavery

“Every relationship in Islam is a master-slave relationship.  One person is always superior to the other person and must be bowed to by the slave in the relationship,” says Ms. Darwish.  The irony of this situation is the fact that the Nation of Islam, an African-American Muslim group founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, has actually embraced an ideology that promotes slavery.

Ms. Darwish also points out that, during President Obama’s “Apology Tour” of the Middle-East after he ascended to the presidency, Obama bowed repeatedly to Muslim leaders; this is an open acknowledgement that he is there to serve them.  Obama, whose father and stepfather were Muslims and who was reared in Indonesia going to Muslim schools, has an intimate understanding of Muslim cultural meanings.  Obama knows what he is doing when he plays the slave to Muslim heads of state by bowing to them.

Obama’s Promotion of Muslim Terror

When Obama spoke in Cairo, in February 2009, he addressed an audience of Muslim Brotherhood members—who assassinated Anwar Sadat for signing a peace treaty with Israel—while Egyptian President Mubarak stayed home.  The message this sent was one that unleashed a terrible amount of energy towards starting the “Muslim Spring” and energizing the forces that established Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt, if only for a year.  This negative energy was the selfsame energy that helped validate the establishment of Muslim terror groups like ISIS.

islamIt was pointed out by Ms. Darwish that Obama, always sympathetic to the Muslim way, pulled American troops out of Iraq, because he cannot risk allowing American infidels to fight Muslim Jihadists.  This is why he will surely pull the troops out of Afghanistan as well.  It is also why Obama has hired Muslim security to guard the consular compound in Benghazi.  But the problem with having Muslim security is that, when fighters show up to attack the compound, Muslim guards must let their fellow Muslims in to kill the infidels they are guarding!

The Tent of Islam

“There is no such thing as Moderate Islam,” says Ms. Darwish.  “And if there are moderate Muslims, where are they?  Where do we see them fighting the radicals?  Out of 1.2 billion Muslims in this world, why is it we cannot find even 30,000 or 40,000 so-called ‘moderates’ to get together to fight ISIS?”

According to Nonie Darwish, “all Muslims benefit from the violence perpetrated by ISIS and other terrorist Muslim groups.”  They all feel empowered in their religion by such violence.  “There is a Tent of Islam under which all Muslims live,” says Ms. Darwish, “and maybe 15% commit violence against the infidel, but there are another 15% who help finance this activity, and there is another 15% who act like cheerleaders, and 15% are onlookers who help by not interfering, and each part of the group has a role to play—some active and some inactive, but they are all under the same tent.  All are on the same team.”

Islam Is Restless & Unstable

The only people who ever stand up to Sharia Law, according to Ms. Darwish, are military people.  They may be Muslims, too, but they have a view of how Islam should be practiced that is different from the clergy.

“Islam is, by nature, unstable.  There is no unifying value, such as Judeo-Christian love.  Everything is allowed that furthers the religion.  So, if you think your idea of how to run things advances Islam, you might feel justified in cutting down your adversary to implement your idea.”  Thus, in Islam, there is always in-fighting going on.

Tyranny & Compliance

Ms. Darwish continues: “Tyrants like people who are compliant, not intelligent people who challenge them.  Like Obama, they usually surround themselves with yes-men, not real statesmen.  This is a major weakness of Islam.”

Apparently, Muslims, in their enforcement of slave culture on others, produce paper tigers who cannot think for themselves and who cannot commit solidly to any kind of a unifying ideal.  Muslim soldiers are treated like slaves, for the most part.  And they tend to turn tail and run in the face of a powerful, unified enemy force.

So, while Muslim Jihadists can be ferocious when faced with unarmed citizens who lack the capacity to fight back, they waver in their convictions when met by an energetic enemy that fights passionately, while in support of a common set of values.

“Drill, Baby, Drill”

Ms. Darwish reminded everyone that Saudi Arabia “has always been an evil sponsor of Islamic terror, as long as the perpetrators kept their violence away from the neighborhood of the Arabian Peninsula.”  Fifteen of the nineteen Muslims who flew planes into the World Trade Center on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.

America’s using her own resources, rather than paying Muslims for their oil, is good for purposes of American freedom and bad for Islamic terror.  Thus, at the end of her talk, Ms. Darwish said, “One of the best ways to limit the strength of Islam in the world is for America to drill, baby, drill!”  And so it goes. . . .

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