One Massachusetts Town Fights to Save Christmas

Stories like this one out of Marshfield, Massachusetts always make me wonder how it is that we are losing (or at least what feels like we are losing) the culture “war.” In a small town near Boston, in the liberal state of Massachusetts, the residents have risen up to fight against the prevailing culture’s “war” on Christmas.

See, in Marshfield, Massachussetts, Christmas has been on a losing streak. First, back in September, the local school board decided that the school break during the Christmas holiday would be called the “Holiday Break” instead of “Christmas Break.” No big deal, you say? Maybe not. But it was a big enough deal that more than 4,000 residents signed a petition to keep the Christmas in Christmas break. Still, the school board stuck to their guns and kept the Holiday break moniker.

That decision stuck with the people of Marshfield, and when the local city council told the Department of Public Works to remove signs wishing folks a “Merry Christmas” from private property – because the signs did not conform with city guidelines – residents decided that they’d had enough.

This past Saturday dozens of local townsfolk gathered along the city’s main thoroughfare to protest FOR Christmas. They stood in the cold and waved signs wishing their fellow residents a “Merry Christmas!”

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“This is America the last time I looked. We were founded on Christianity and it seems to me like Christianity is starting to be wiped out. It’s the melting pot. Melt and merge,” said one local woman.


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Good for them. Sadly, none of this will change if they do not continue their fight for our culture after Christmas has passed. The city of Marshfield (and the rest of our nation) needs to vote out the godless liberals who worship only at the altar of political correctness and vote in people who better represent our ideals and values. It just makes me wonder: how are we losing these cultural battles when even towns in states as liberal as Massachusetts can see that we’ve gone off track? If even the über-liberals who populate the Northeast can tell that our culture has gone wrong – why aren’t we winning more of these battles?

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