Once Again, Police Involved in Interracial Violence [VIDEO]

Why won’t the media call out the prevalence of interracial violence associated with American law enforcement?

We have here a common story of interracial violence and a police officer. But it is not the story you’re hearing from the NFL or the national news media. It is just another story about a black individual attacking a police officer. The officer may not have been white, but it would still be a story that defies the BLM narrative. A bystander intervened to help the cop. The police officer merely arrested his attacker. According to the narrative of the NFL and the media, this was a rare occurrence because the cop didn’t try to shoot his attacker.

Of course, anecdotes don’t prove anything, but neither do the few allegations that the media chooses to trumpet.

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ABC 13 in Virginia Beach reports, “Man charged in random attack on police officer in Va. Beach coffee shop.

It happened at about 7:15 a.m. at the Bad Ass Coffee shop located at 619 18th Street.  Investigators say a uniformed police sergeant was ordering a coffee when he was “aggressively approached” by Wynn.

Due to the commotion Wynn was causing, the sergeant asked that the man step outside, at which time Wynn allegedly began pummeling the officer.

The Virginian-Pilot also reports on helper Jaclyn Krogh, “Bad Ass Coffee employee jumps in to help Virginia Beach police sergeant who was being attacked.

“He came up in his face,” said Krogh, who heard the man say to the sergeant: “What did you say to me (expletive)?”

Then he started pushing the sergeant, she said in an interview.

The man and the officer scuffled in front of the counter, knocking baskets and other knickknacks off the shelves by the windows.

“I was ready to intervene,” Krogh said.

Krogh said she kicked the man in the back and stepped on him. Then she grabbed a heavy glass vase full of flowers from the counter.

“I was ready to clock him in the head,” she said.

But the sergeant told her to call 911.

Again, it sounds like the police officer was trying not to let violence escalate.

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