On Mizzou: Fire the Coach and Dismiss the Players!

The radical leftist policies of the 1960s have come home to roost. The new ultra-radicals have out-radicalized their hippie-era malcontents. The Lord of the flies has come to university campuses. “Yes, the adults now fear the children.”

Sit-ins are passé. The new-radicals are going for the heart of the universities, hitting them in the pocketbook, by going after the football program.

It only took a minority of students, the football coach, and a majority of the football players and coaches to bring down a university. To be accurate, one student told ESPN, “As much as we want to say everyone is united, half the team and coaches — black and white — are pissed,”

Of course, I’m talking about the University of Missouri and the resignation of President Tim Wolfe. Why did he resign?: accusations of “white privilege,” Ferguson (120 miles away), “anti-homosexual and anti-transgender attitudes,” and not meeting the demands of black students regarding an off-campus racial incident that at this point in time is hearsay.

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 “The group of students accused Wolfe of enabling ‘a culture of racism’ on campus and ignoring student concerns about recent events. Wolfe resigned after members of the college football team joined the protests, saying they wouldn’t suit up for the next game.”


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