On Islam – Trump Preaches Truth


Trump Tells the Truth about the Vicious Snake—Islam!


On her way to work one morning, down the path along the lake,

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A tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake.

“Take me in, oh tender woman; take me in, for heaven’s sake!

Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake.

Now she clutched him to her bosom.  “You’re so beautiful!” she cried.

“But, if I hadn’t brought you in, by now you might have died.”

She stroked his pretty skin, and then she kissed and held him tight.

But, instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicious bite!

“I saved you,” cried the woman, “and you’ve bit me!  Heavens, why?

You know your bite is poisonous, and now I’m going to die!”

“Oh, shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin.

“You knew damn well I was a snake, before you took me in!”

—Donald Trump, reciting his version of Al Wilson’s The Snake

(See Al Wilson’s Original Version here.)

Trump Tells Anderson Cooper the Truth

Donald Trump said, on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, that “Islam hates us.”  Anderson Cooper did not seem totally convinced by Trump’s statement.  But Trump got it right, when he said, “There’s an unbelievable hatred of us.”  Trump did not say that all Muslims hate us, for he knows that Muslims are people and that there are varying degrees of Muslim observance when it comes to Islam.

However, when it comes to devout Muslims who live and breathe Islam, there is definitely a problem with hatred and intolerance towards the Kafir—that is, the non-Muslim.  (The Muslim word for an unbeliever—Kafir—is actually worse than the N-word!)  Just read the prayers that Muslims are called upon to recite daily, and you will see that Trump is 100% correct about Islam.


Islam: It Hates Us in Its Daily Prayers

IslamistsFirst Prayer: O, Allah, we ask You for help and seek Your forgiveness.  And we believe in You and have trust in You.  And we praise You in the best way.  And we thank You and are not ungrateful to You.  And we forsake and turn away from the Kafirs.

O, Allah, we worship You only and pray to You and prostrate ourselves before You.  And we run towards You and serve You.  And we hope to receive Your mercy.  And we fear Your punishment.  Surely the Kafirs will receive Your punishment.


Second Prayer: O, Allah, verily we seek Your help.  We believe in You, we put our trust in You, and we praise You, and we are not ungrateful to You.  Oh Allah, You alone do we worship, and to You we pray and prostrate.  For Your sake, we strive.  We hope for Your mercy and fear Your punishment, for Your punishment will surely reach the Kafirs.

O, Allah, punish the Kafirs of the People of the Book [proselytizing Christians] who are preventing others from following Your way.


Third Prayer: In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the World, the Beneficent, the Merciful, Master of the Day of Judgment.  You do we serve, and You do we beseech for help.  Keep us on the right path—the path of those upon whom You have bestowed favors.  Not the path of those upon whom Your wrath is brought down [Jews], nor those who go astray [Christians].

(The above representation of Islamic prayer is based on a translation shared by Dr. Bill Warner. These prayers are also cited in Dr. Paul Revere’s Teach Your Children the Truth About Islam, available at Amazon.)

Islam is the only so-called “religion” that requires its followers to pray for the cursing and damning its non-adherents.  In other words, when it comes to the large majority of Americans, Islam hates us.


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