On Islam and Foreign Policy Kasich is Wrong and Trump is Right!



Self-preservation is intelligent; it is Darwinian; it is survival of the fittest. Soft men like Kasich have a quasi-religious sense of America’s demise and love of our enemies—Muslims.


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John Kasich thinks that it is dangerous to target Muslim Americans.  So he’d rather be a target of the terrorists.  He wants to collaborate with the Muslim Community but he doesn’t understand that collaboration with the Muslim Community involves helping them clean up their own barnyard.


He is against protecting ourselves by banning Muslims entering the U.S.  He thinks it’s better to allow more American citizens to be killed.


He says keeping Muslims out is a kneejerk reaction.  He doesn’t realize that it is a jerk reaction to let terrorist into our country.


He says that Muslim Americans help identity security threats. He says, “In order for us to have great human intelligence — I want the public to hear this — we are going to have to have intimate communication and coordination with our friends in the Muslim community.”


Does he plan to make love to our enemies?  Does he understand their insane hatred that he won’t win them over with softness?


Kasich, unlike Trump, does not want to scrap NATO.  He wants to repurpose NATO to help fight European terrorism.


“Right now, we think of NATO as a military organization,” Kasich said. “I think it needs to involve itself in policing, in intelligence gathering, because when we look at Europe right now, we find there are so many holes and an inability — of their ability to get their act together.”


It is ironic that Kasich wants to use NATO to police Europe but in the United States he doesn’t want to police Muslim communities.


Muslims are our most frequent enemies.  To bend over for them is to get stuck in a raw spot.  Kasich can’t make up his mind how to treat Muslims.  He is a facilitator of our own deaths.

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