On Easter, as Christians Across the Globe Face Persecution, Obama is Worried by ‘less-than-loving’ Christians

I don’t think this kind of comment from President Obama would normally make me angry. While I generally disagree with the things that the President says, I find most of it to be common Democrat/liberal boilerplate that hardly moves my emotional needle. However, the latest offense can’t be allowed to pass without comment… even if it’s an angry comment.

At an Easter prayer breakfast hosted by the White House this past Tuesday President Obama had a startling moment of honesty that he was barely able to contain, and then quickly covered back up. When beginning his remarks to the gathered prayer breakfast attendees, he did so by criticizing ‘unloving’ Christians.

“On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that, as a Christian, I am supposed to love. And I have to say that, sometimes when I listen to other less-than-loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned.”

He stopped himself short though when he realized that he might be wandering into dangerous waters.

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“That’s a topic for another day… I was about to veer off; I am pulling it back.”

He then returned to his prepared (and safer) remarks.

“Where there is injustice, we defend the oppressed. Where there is disagreement, we treat each other with compassion and respect.”



So, why did this make me so upset?

A couple of reasons jump out at me.

Easter ObamaThe first one is that that our President is worried about “less-than-loving” Christians, while Christians are being persecuted for their faith all over the world. Across Africa and Asia Christians are being slaughtered simply for existing, and the leader of the free world stands up during an Easter celebration, not to pray for the persecuted, but to condemn some nebulous group of ‘un-loving’ believers. (We’ll get to these unloving folks in just a second.) Instead of delivering a tongue lashing to believers on our faith’s most important holiday, perhaps it would have been better to deliver a warning to those who persecute our brethren? Maybe a strongly worded rebuke? Something like, “If you persecute and kill Christians you should know that the world’s most powerful nation will stand against you.”

No, instead the honest words that come from Obama are an assault on American Christians.

Thanks, man. With friends like this… who needs enemies.

The other reason I think this kind of upsets me is that the President once again presumes to be wiser than Scripture. The arrogance that exudes from him is unconscionable… and gross.

Let me ask you this, Mr. President. If the Bible teaches that sin separates us from God and that to mend that bridge we must repent of sin, is it more loving to call sinners to repentance or to simply encourage them to continue in their sin by pretending it’s not wrong? I’d remind the President of John the Baptist, who was hated by the government and the wealthy of his day. Why? Because he was calling the people to repent of their sins and turn back towards God. He specifically named the sins of the ruling class and told them that what they were doing was wrong. He did what God had called him to do, and all it got him was hatred from the community and culture, and eventually, killed.

The President’s upset with us over what he sees as being “unloving” is actually quite the opposite. Even though it may earn us the hatred of the world around us, we will continue to do the loving thing and call our culture to repent. Even if it gets us killed… which seems likely not to bother our President.

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