On Earth Day Obama Administration says President’s Pollution is Okay but Yours Is Not!

Our colleague Caleb Howe over at Rabble Writer caught an interesting little conversation about Earth Day and the politics of pollution between the White House press pool and Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

CBS’s Mark Knoller wondered if President Obama’s decision to jump on Air Force One to fly down to Florida and give a speech about reducing your carbon footprint was perhaps… a bit counterproductive. Josh Earnest had a simple retort for Knoller’s question – Nope. Nope, it’s totally not hypocritical for the President to cause more pollution on a one-day trip than most Americans create in a year – even if the President uses that trip to lecture American’s on their nasty pollution habit.

I think Caleb puts it nicely

The question is “do the elites who demand Americans give up creature comforts in the name of Global Scaring put the same inconveniences and restrictions on themselves?

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Do politicians and millionaire busybodies and celebrity “scientists” do without, go without, and forego activities that increase their carbon footprint in order to preserve the earth from certain destruction, as they ask of us?



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