OMB Director Mulvaney Says Trump is Already Building the Wall [VIDEO]

At a press conference, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Mick Mulvaney proved once again how well he’s able to handle the press. If Sean Spicer ever finds himself out of job for whatever reason, Trump should pick Mulvaney to replace him.

During his press briefing, he pointed to pictures of the wall on the U.S. southern border that’s being built today. There was about $772 million in the funding bill that can be used for wall and fence repairs, and that’s what’s going on now. It’s not the Trump wall yet, but Mulvaney suggested that we’re getting there.

While the Democrats and the media are celebrating as if they’ve pulled a fast one over the Republicans, Mulvaney said the President is getting his priorities funded. “We got more money for defense.  We got more money for border security.  We got more money for school choice,” Mulvaney said. “Looking around here, many of you were here in March when I came out for the very first time to talk about our budget blueprint.  What did we ask for more money for? Defense, border security, school choice.”

MICK MULVANEY: The president delivered on his promises and got his priorities funded, and that’s what the Democrats don’t want you to know. They want you to think they won, but they don’t want you to know the American people won here because the president simply out-negotiated them.

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I want to come back to one thing, and then I’ll take some questions. If I can bring the pictures up now, that would be great. You’ve heard me talk a lot over the course of the last couple weeks — I’ve been on television a couple of times saying, oh, there’s no bricks and mortar; there’s no bricks and mortar; and there’s no bricks and mortar for a wall in this. We could build this, OK?

And we’re going to build this. There are several hundreds of millions of dollars for us to replace cyclone fencing with 20-foot high steel wall. There’s several hundreds of millions of dollars in the bill for us — can we bring up the other photo please? Do we have the other photo?

There’s several hundreds of millions of dollars for us to build levee walls along the southern border. And as many of you know who follow this issue, some of the most vulnerable areas that we have are places along rivers where we desperately need levees in order to provide the protection of the southern border that we — that we need, OK?

We are building this now. There is money in this deal to build several hundreds of millions of dollars of this to replace this. That’s what we got in this deal and that’s what the Democrats don’t want you to know. This stuff is going up now. Why? Because the president wants to make the country more safe.

This doesn’t stop drugs and doesn’t stop criminals from crossing the border. In fact, it doesn’t stop hardly anything from crossing the border. This does. And that’s what we got in this deal, and that’s why we’re so excited about the opportunities that we have to follow through on the president’s promises to secure the southern border.

So unless we have the other — the other picture, I’ll take a couple of questions.

QUESTION: I’ve been on the border. How do you say that fence will keep drugs from coming over the border? They tunnel underneath the border…


MULVANEY: This is the border — the general — the general (inaudible). This is the wall, by the way, that DHS said they wanted. I saw in the Oval Office with the president. We’ve walked about bricks and mortar. We’ve talked about concrete walls. This is what DHS wants. Why? Because it actually works better.

You can tunnel under anything. I will answer your question, OK? You can see through this one, OK? It’s actually safer. Where we have this in place now, and we do, it’s actually safer for our Border Patrol agents. There’s — you can talk to the DHS about the details, but there’s been a dramatic reduction in attacks on our Border Patrol agents where they can see through the wall, because nobody’s throwing anything over the top at them.

This is what DHS wanted. It’s also half of the cost, so we can build twice as much of it. This is a huge win for border security. 

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