Ohio College Asks Students: Is Saying ‘You Need Jesus’ Hate Speech?

Kent State University in Ohio is causing much controversy when it comes to free speech. They attempt to censor Conservative students and groups on campus, but allow liberal students to do whatever they want.

The university issued out newsletters to the students that asked if stating the phrase, “You need Jesus” could be considered “hate speech.”

First of all, what? Second of all, what? How on earth could that sentence be hate speech?

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Daily Wire reports:

The absurd promotion was created by the school’s Center for Student Involvement and posted on Twitter last week.

Among the other apparently questionable phrases were “build a wall,” “no more gays,” and “women need to serve their man.”

According to The College Fix, the upcoming KENTTalk on “hate speech” will “provide a safe place for discussions and transformational experiences for our student body” and promote “civil discourse.”

A Kent State Christian leader is reportedly requesting an apology from the university for targeting Christians and Conservatives.

Campus Ministry International president Jared Small said, “The university should apologize because it appears to be targeted toward one political and religious side.”

He continued, “They could have included hate speech against President Trump or hate speech against Christians as examples. In my opinion, free speech protects hate speech to an extent. However, the university appears to show a bias against Christians and conservatives,” he added.

Professor Amy Reynolds told The Fix she was uninvolved in the creation of the poster; it was the Center for Student Involvement who “created all of the promotional materials,” she said. “I’m not sure what the process is/was.”

So the phrase is hateful because it mentions Jesus? You know what offends me? The fact that there are terrorists out there killing people in the name of “Allah,” but you don’t see me petitioning their removal from campus.

This is ridiculous!

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