Oh Snap. Putin uses Example of the Soviet Union to Bash Obama!

Russian President Vladimir Putin may have delivered the harshest foreign policy burn of the Obama era when he delivered an address before the UN General Assembly on Monday. Just a couple hours after President Obama spoke to the UN, Putin rose to give his own speech… wherein he took the opportunity to mock President Obama for not learning the lessons of history.

We are all different and we should respect that. Now one has to conform to a single development model that someone has recognized as the only right one. We should all remember what our past has taught us. 

We also remember certain episodes from the history of the Soviet Union, social experiments for export, attempts to push for changes with other countries based on ideological preferences, which often lead to tragic consequences. And to degradation rather than progress.

It seems that far from learning from the mistakes of others, everyone keeps repeating them. And so the export of revolutions, this time of so-called democratic ones, continues. It was enough to look at the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, as was mentioned by a previous speaker. Certainly political and social problems in this region have been piling up for a long time and people there wish for changes, naturally.

But how did it actually turn out?

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Rather than bringing about reforms and addressing foreign interference, it resulted in a brazen destruction of national institutions and lifestyles.

Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social division.

And nobody cares about human rights, including the rights to life.

To the people that have caused this commotion, do you realize what you have done?

But I am afraid that no one will answer that.

Policies based on the belief of self-exceptionism have never been abandoned. It is now obvious that the power vacuum created in some countries in the Middle East and North Africa, and the emergence of violent areas that were immediately filled with extremists and terrorists…

Putin’s scathing attack is made more painful because in this case the vile strongman from Russia is completely correct. The Obama administration has been a plague upon the earth, and the American people have been forced to play a role in the ugly foreign policy that has contributed to the terrible events of the Obama years.

You can Watch Putin’s full speech below.

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