Oh No. Dozens of Suspected Killers and Rapists Released

A just-released report says that DOZENS of suspected criminals, including killers and rapists arrested by police in Detroit, have been released because of a glut of unsigned warrants!

County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says that the releases have come about because her office doesn’t have the manpower to handle the workload.

Worthy says that her office has “lost half of our staff and it is no surprise that we are not able to fulfill our mandated functions with such drastic staff reductions. It certainly is not surprising that this has impacted our ability to review and charge warrant requests presented to us.”

For police, the problem is that a suspect can only be held for 72 hours before they must be arraigned in court. The laws of our nation, and the state of Michigan, give every American the right to a fair and “speedy” trial. criminals releasedHowever, the prosecutor apparently believes that her staffing limitations mean that these arraignment deadlines cannot be met, resulting in criminals walking out of police custody without ever seeing a courtroom.

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Detroit’s Police Chief James Craig is not buying the Prosecutor’s story.

“I can’t and won’t say I don’t have enough officers to do the job. I don’t have the luxury of saying that. I have fewer officers today than when I got started, but I can’t say, ‘We don’t have enough people.’ That’s not an option.”

When asked if anything will change because of this horrendous problem, the police chief says no.

“Once we arrest them and submit a warrant request, it’s out of our hands.”

Detroit’s many woes continue, yet the people of the city also continue to elect the same politicians to fix the problems. NEWSFLASH! The people and ideas that got you into the mess… probably aren’t the best people and ideas to get you out of the mess. If you want change, Detroit, if you want to fix the many ills affecting your once proud city, do something DIFFERENT!

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