Oh. Crap. NATO Allied Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane


This. Is. Not. Good.

From RCP:

This morning for the first time in history, a member state of NATO shot down a Russian aircraft. 

At a point somewhere near the Syrian-Turkish border, Turkey brought down the Russian plane after reportedly giving several warnings. The pilot ejected, but apparently did not survive. This part of Syria is controlled by the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army. 

Yeah, you think?

I’m sure that the other member nations of NATO are pretty upset with Turkey right about now. The whole point of an alliance is that when one nation attacks, the others move to defend them, and I can guarantee you that no NATO members have any desire to defend Turkey from Russia… especially after this.

In Russia, the mood is somber, mixed with a great deal of anger. I’m not sure what the Turkish military was thinking, or who might have given them the “go ahead” to shoot down a Russian jet, but it was a bad idea.

To make matters worse, soon after the downing of the plane, video was leaked online of US-Turkish allied rebels cheering the death of the pilots and chanting “Allahu Akbar”.

Needless to say, this will not be helpful when it comes to uniting the world against Islamic terrorism.


From Russia Today:

The video posted online shows armed men around an alleged Russian pilot who seems to be unconscious and immobile. His face is bruised and bloodied. The men seem to be happy and are praising Allah, with some regretting that they hadn’t burned him on the spot.

“A Russian pilot,” a voice is heard saying as a group of men gather around him. “God is great,” a voice says. 


Be warned – the video is Graphic and not suitable for all eyes.

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