Officials Explore ‘Safe Injection Sites’ for Heroin Users

I am going to go ahead and say what you’re all thinking: “What the hell!?”

Why on God’s green earth would officials work to enable drug users? Setting up a “safe space” for them to inject heroine into their bodies is absolutely ridiculous. That is NOT how you battle the war on drugs.

Boston officials are exploring the potential impacts of so-called “safe injection sites” where drug addicts can use heroin under medical supervision.

The City Council has called a Monday hearing in City Hall. It comes as the Massachusetts Medical Society is urging state officials to open at least two safe injection sites.

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The state Department of Public Health says an average of six people a day have fatally overdosed on opioids in 2017, making it the state’s top cause of accidental death so far this year.

I can understand the SJW viewpoint on the topic of wanting to monitor them in order to make sure they don’t overdose. However, that is no where near a solution for this problem. It only enables them to continue.

City Councilors Anissa Essaibi-George and Frank Baker, who requested the hearing, say safe injection sites reduced fatal opioid overdoses by 35 percent in Vancouver, Canada.

But the councilors also say the sites are “controversial and wrought with medical, ethical and legal questions” communities should explore.

Unless they plan to usher them into rehab facilities or arrest them, then these “safe spaces” are just a load of bull. It will not help anyone.

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