Obama’s Scheme to Kill American Freedom

Anatomy of a Murder: Obama’s Scheme to Kill American Freedom

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.  It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”  —William Pitt, to the House of Commons, November 18th, 1783.

The Claim That Change Is Necessary

If you are President Obama—and you have a Marxist political agenda to “fundamentally change” the country into a collective dictatorship—what can you do, to create feelings of indebtedness to the government?

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What if you wish to kill the spirit of the American Revolution that every person should be free to pursue happiness in his or her own way, free of government tyranny?  How do you go about unmaking the Constitution?

Promises, Promises

Well, President Obama started by promising that, under Obamacare, you could keep $2500 more of your income, due to cost-lowering efficiencies. Also, you could keep your doctor.  Additionally, you could keep your health plan.

And then, President Obama—who swore to the American people that Obamacare was not a tax and pledged never to claim that it was one—sent his legal eagles to the Supreme Court to argue that Obamacare was legal under the government’s taxing authority.  He won.

Taxes, Taxes Everywhere

ObamacareBadThe 21 taxes collected by Obamacare, from the medical device tax to the penalty tax assessed on those unable to pay premiums, are all destructive to the ability of Americans to have any control over their household management or retirement planning.  It has already become apparent that healthcare premiums have increased dramatically and will possibly double again next year.

Many Americans, who could afford their premiums, pre-Obamacare, are now unable to afford them.  Many are incentivized to quit work in order to qualify for subsidies.  The economy will contract, as a result, further impoverishing the country and rendering the people less financially free and more dependent on government.

Communist Lies

Throughout history, communists have lied to create the conditions for their success.  Obama knows that burdens created by Obamacare will rob Americans of their financial freedom.   Calls on the government for relief will increase; and the more people rely on the government for help, the less they will feel free to dissent when it comes to the perpetration of government injustices.  It becomes harder for people to insist on their civil rights, when they fear that angering the government might lose them their benefits.

A Scary Conversation

Once the government controls the healthcare of an entire people, the government has power to decide what treatment options exist for any given individual!  Imagine what you would do if the police, upon your request that they produce a search warrant, responded by having the following scary conversation with you: “You don’t really want to demand a warrant, do you?  We just happen to know, from your doctor, that you need a medical procedure and that you are also on prescribed medication.  If you don’t want us to search your home, then what if the government decides it does not want you to have your procedure or to get your meds renewed?  You insist on your rights, and we insist on canceling care; how about that?”


Nero-ObamaWith the government in charge of whether or not Americans have access to life-enhancing or life-saving care, Constitutional rights are converted into privileges the government can cancel.  The government does not need to repeal the Constitution; it needs only to strike fear into the hearts of those who might insist on their Constitutional rights.  If everyone is too cowed to invoke these rights, then the Constitution is rendered less than useless and more than dead.  America ceases to be free.  Checkmate!  Communism triumphs at last.

And do not imagine it will stop at healthcare.  The need for government hospitals to regulate shipping costs will mean taking over trucking and rail.  That will dictate price controls on fuel.  Eventually, piece by piece, our free market is lost, and without a free marketplace, where prices rise to protect supply or fall to facilitate purchasing, huge shortages and surpluses will appear.  Life will become for Americans much the same as it was for Soviet citizens under the Marxist regime that ultimately failed there, but it only failed after inflicting three or four generations of economic slavery on an entire nation of people.

Obama the Marxist

Obama established his Marxist credentials while in college.  And, on January 11, 1996, Obama joined the New Party, a Marxist political party, and he has been a member and organizer for its agendas ever since.* Improperly vetted by a sycophantic, liberal media, Obama was allowed to run for high office in a low-information environment during two entire presidential election cycles.

It was not widely reported how close his ties were to the terrorist Bill Ayers or the Marxist George Soros.  The result has been that Americans have an elite secret society of a government which, like the Soviet Politburo, refuses to allow itself to be investigated or to comply with any subpoenas.  Witness how difficult it has been for the House of Representatives to obtain compliance with its Congressional subpoenas, or even something as simple as its Freedom-of-Information-Act requests.

God Save Our Free Republic

By shrinking the economy and significantly reducing financial freedom, through over-taxation and the creation of regulatory and legal uncertainty, Obama has chosen to prosecute an agenda of economic slavery to the state that will crush freedom and demoralize Americans.

Let us hope that Americans can react to the Obama threat in effective ways and in time to save their free republic and see their Constitution restored.  Let us further hope that the leadership succeeding the Obama Administration will have America’s best interests at heart.  And, finally, let us pray together as Americans for the return of our country to its former status as the land of opportunity and freedom.

*For more on Obama’s New Party ties, please visit the following link: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/302031/obamas-third-party-history-stanley-kurtz

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