Obama’s Not Just Bad, He’s the Worst!



The world is dying.  It just doesn’t know it yet.  The weapon is a faux peace maker, an anti-nuker, an aging hippy—Obama.


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He quotes Reagan but he is his antithesis.  Reagan tore down the unfair Berlin wall by building up our weapons.  Obama is tearing down our protective wall by reducing our defenses.


No one is afraid of us.  Obama paints red lines but is afraid to cross them. They are really pink lines.


Putin is laughing at us while he sends two war jets to buzz a US Navy Destroyer in the Baltic Sea. Obama does what he does best—nothing.


We are all zombies. We are the walking soon-to-be dead.  Obama wants to be a peaceful man but has no idea how to do it.  In his own country there are race riots despite the fact that he confusedly preaches racial accommodation.


I believe his intentions are good.  Save us from people with good intentions who approach reality from the perspective of their ideas rather than pragmatic situations.  It’s not that Obama is so bad.  It’s that he’s worse.

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