Obama’s Nominee for Attorney General Won’t Answer Polygamy Questions

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch is lying, and if she’s not, her unwillingness to answer the question about the legalization of polygamy (and maybe incestuous marriages) in light of the legalization of same-sex marriage should be enough to disqualify her from the position.

Anybody in her high level legal profession who has not considered the logical application of same-sex marriage as it relates to polygamy and incestuous marriages after Justice Antonin Scalia made the following comment in his dissenting opinion in Lawrence v. Texas (2003) is out of touch (or lying):

“The Texas statute undeniably seeks to further the belief of its citizens that certain forms of sexual behavior are ‘immoral and unacceptable,’ . . . the same interest furthered by criminal laws against fornication, bigamy, adultery, adult incest, bestiality, and obscenity. . . . This effectively decrees the end of all morals legislation. If, as the Court asserts, the promotion of majoritarian sexual morality is not even a legitimate state interest, none of the above-mentioned laws can survive rational-basis review.”

Pro-homosexual advocates hated Justice Scalia’s impenetrable legal logic because they knew it was true and were incensed that someone would actually make the case that once same-sexuality and later same-sex marriage were legalized, there was no longer any moral or legal break on other forms of sexual practices and relationships, including bestiality. Think I’m exaggerating? Take a look at this.

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They had to deny the connection because to get the law passed, but once passed Pandora’s Box would be open with no way to shut it…
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