Obama’s New Program to Steal Your Money to Buy Votes

Let’s suppose I wanted to send my children to college, but I couldn’t afford it. So I decided to steal the identity of one of my neighbors and take money from his account and use it to send my children to college.

Would that be morally justifiable? I suspect that a majority of people would say no.

But what if I got some of my other neighbors and we stole the identity of several other neighbors so we could have enough money to send our children to college.

Again, I would wager that a majority of Americans would say that doing such a thing was morally wrong.

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The one neighbor calls a meeting saying that he has a legal and moral way to pay for the college education of his children and the children of some of the other neighbor’s children.

The meeting room, of course, was packed. The promise of free stuff always draws a crowd.

Here’s the proposal as reported by Politico:

“We elect people to office and let them take money from some of our neighbors so we can pay for a college education for our children.”

It’s ingenious. Moral dilemma solved.

Here comes the latest government theft program: free college tuition…
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