Obama’s MidEast “Strategy” has Backfired

GOP Presidential candidate and Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, had some very tough words for the Obama administration on Sunday. In an op-ed for The Washington Post the Tea Party candidate from the Sunshine State ripped into President Obama’s strategy for the Middle East saying that, “The President’s entire approach to the MidEast has backfired.”

No one who has given at least a casual observation to foreign affairs in recent years would dare to disagree – well, no one outside of the Obama administration, that is. The Iraqi government has been an abysmal failure, and the nation of Iraq is now actually three separate nations (ISIS controlled Iraq, the Iraq still controlled by the government, and Kurdish controlled Iraq). Afghanistan is witnessing the resurgence of the Taliban as a political and religious force, Iran is on course to gain nuclear capability (and with our blessing). Libya, Syria, and Yemen have all collapsed into bloody and terrifying civil wars, where the most likely victor will either be terrorist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda, or terrorist governments like Iran. Egypt may be the most hopeful place in the Middle East (outside of Israel) right now, and even they are in shambles – dealing with the threat of Islamic radicalism while being practically governed by a military dictatorship. (Remember when the Obama team tried to help get rid of the last dictator of Egypt just a couple short years ago?)

obama mideastWell, it’s with this backdrop that Senator Rubio argues for a new plan for dealing with the Middle East.


From Rubio’s Op-Ed:


  • Broaden the Coalition
  • Increase US Involvement in the Fight
  • Don’t Cut a Bad Deal with Iran
  • Prevent ISIS from Spreading beyond Iraq and Syria


The Middle East is more dangerous and unstable than when Obama came into office — a time when Iraq and Syria were more stable, the Iranian nuclear program was considerably less advanced and the Islamic State did not yet exist…

Because of the Obama administration’s “lead from behind” approach to the effort to topple Moammar Gaddafi, Libya is a growing haven for the Islamic State, where the group is able to freely control large swaths of territory for training and recruitment for the fight in Iraq and Syria, just as al-Qaeda once used Afghanistan for its operations against the United States.

Despite the enormousness of the challenge, we can still defeat the enemies that we face in a Middle East that remains crucial to U.S. national interests and security. Doing so will require urgent action and leadership from President Obama before our options get even worse.


This sounds a lot like, “we need to get much more heavily involved in the Middle East with our military.” Are American voters ready for this? The last time a Republican administration attempted anything even close to this, it got Democrats elected to BIG majorities in the House and Senate as well as ushered in the age of Obama.

I guess we’re about to find out…

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