Obama’s Legacy Can Get Worse – Much Worse

Judges! Presidents come and go, but judges go on forever. The people might propose, but judges dispose.

People talk about a change in the attitude of Americans over same-sex marriage. What these people don’t mention is that in more than 30 states voters rejected same-sex marriage. Judges overturned the will of the people in many of these states.

Five Supreme Court justices can shape the laws for more than 300 million people, 50 states, and state legislatures.

New judges are about to enter the law-making pipeline. Their decisions, for the most part, will be devastating and will dilute what’s left of the strength of the Constitution.

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“Lawmakers negotiated Tuesday over a final batch of President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees with Democrats hoping to win Senate confirmation for up to a dozen of them, a final burst that would push this year’s total to the highest annual figure in 20 years.

“The Senate has approved 76 federal court of appeals and district court judges so far this year. Confirmation of 12 more would bring this year’s total to 88 — the most since a Democratic-led Senate approved 99 of President Bill Clinton’s appeals and district court nominees in 1994, according to Russell Wheeler, who studies the judiciary at the Brookings Institution.

“Whatever this year’s figure, it will easily surpass the 43 approved last year and the 49 confirmed in 2012. Majority Democrats enabled that in November 2013, when they muscled through a weakening of the Senate’s rules on filibusters, the procedural delays that minority parties have long used to sink nominations and bills they dislike.

“‘Republicans have just slow-walked judicial nominations,’ said Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa. ‘What we’re doing is what we should have done the last couple of years.’
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