Obama’s Foreign Policy – the Definition of Insanity?

What was it that Albert Einstein said about the definition of insanity?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Apparently, this is not something that President Obama has ever heard, because his foreign policy seems to a perfect example of Einstein’s quote.

The foreign policy approach brought to D.C. by Obama and his cohort Hillary Clinton have served only to make our nation look foolish and to embolden our enemies against us.

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Hillary Clinton’s time helming the State Department was supposed to usher in an era of “smart power,” instead it turned out to be “insane and naïve power.”

Stephen Hayes explained why on Fox News.



“On Cuba, the new day looks a lot like the old days. This is the one of the lessons of the Obama presidency. The change in our approach to these despotic regimes doesn’t change the nature of the regimes themselves. We’ve learned that about Cuba, the hard way over the past couple of weeks. We’ve learned that about Russia, we’ve learned that about Iran. Everywhere you look, the president has tried to implement a policy of rapprochement, and again and again and again, he’s been stiffed by the people he is trying to make peace with. In some cases, in very direct and harsh ways.

You go back to the first Inaugural address and President Obama talks about an “open hand” with respect to Iran and within days you have the Iranian regime leadership making racist attacks on the President of the United States saying there’s not really a change between Barack Obama and George W. Bush. This is one of the hard lessons of the so-called smart diplomacy, changing your behavior towards the despotic regime doesn’t change the regime.”

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