Obama’s Doublespeak on Guns



On October 29th I defined Doublespeak in a blog in Tea Party Nation. I discussed how Obama imitated Aldous Huxley who used Doublespeak as language that disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words.


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Obama pretends to support things that he is actually undercutting.  He often means the opposite of what he says.


When he attacks Black Lives Matter, he doesn’t really mean it. In subterranean fashion he is defending the bogus Black Lives Matter movement while pretending he is against it.


He lies. He Doublespeaks. He essentially identifies with the Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Philadelphia.


Obama is a bigot in the clothes of a gentleman politician. He could sympathetically burn a building in Ferguson while denouncing violence.


Obama also uses Doublespeak with regard to gun control. He pretends that he respects the Second Amendment but his intention is to submarine it.


At a town hall at George Mason University Obama pretends that guns make our lives a little safer like auto and medicine companies. He doesn’t say we should outlaw all guns. But he means it. It is Doublespeak.


At the town hall he promoted mild executive actions to regulate the gun industry. He wanted to make the proponents of the Second Amendment feel that he was almost on their side. He lied by innuendo. He spoke with forked tongue.


Obama accused his enemy Republicans of accusing him of fostering a plot to take away their guns. He put the Republicans on the defensive. He was wearing the robes of Mr. Good Guy. The Republicans were bad. He was a pretend- compromiser.


He faked that his family was pro-gun when he said Michelle Obama told him she’d want a gun if she lived in an isolated area. Doublespeak. Using his wife to mollify his anti-gun stance. Liar, liar, innuendo on fire.


He then said that his anti-gun executive actions were not against law-abiding Americans, but “to keep guns out of the hands of those who would try to do others harm or try to do themselves harm.”


Obama is a narcissist extremist. There is no way he is just interested in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. There is no way of doing that when it is only the criminals who carry guns without licenses.


The problem is not so simple. Obama can’t just revise the gun industry like he wrecked the medical industry. He can’t just inhibit nuclear weapons by allowing Iran to develop them.


Obama was angry when he said that his gun control plans were not just a “secret” long-term goal to take all guns away from Americans. Doublespeak. He pretended he was being attacked by the Republicans so that he could refute them.


Obama doesn’t know moderation. He only understands divisiveness and progressivism. He would lick his lips if he was able to take guns from all Americans.


“The epidemic of gun violence in our country is a crisis,” Obama wrote in the NY Times. Guess what Obama. We are not having a crisis of gun violence. We are having a crisis of stupid, violent Americans who feel they are entitled and have no respect for others so they shoot them as if it didn’t matter.

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