Obama’s Blood-Soaked Hands: Giving the Bomb to a Modern-Day Hitler

“This agreement is a tragedy for all who aspire for regional stability and fear a nuclear Iran. . . .  This evil regime employs terror, funds terror, arms terror and disseminates terror across the world.  The agreement signed with Iran will only serve to further support this bloody enterprise.”  —Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Rewarding “Death to America” Zealots

President Barack Hussein Obama has now succeeded in getting world leaders to agree to a nuclear deal with Iran.  Obama went forward with the deal, regardless of the fact that the Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, has encouraged cries of “Death to America!” from Iran’s political leaders on a daily basis throughout the long months of negotiations.  It is as if Iran, in a perverse way, wanted to say to America, “Don’t say we didn’t warn you!”

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Iran’s Ongoing Legacy of State-Sponsored Terrorism

Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.  This is not only true, but it will be even more true once the financial sanctions against Iran are lifted, allowing the regime to spend even more towards funding Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terror groups around the globe.  Ayatollah Khamenei has said that, once sanctions are lifted, he will step up his efforts to wipe Israel off the map.  He has also said that Iran’s efforts against America will continue.


Putin Praises Obama’s Deal with Iran

Vladimir Putin loves the Iran deal, and, in fact, has even taken partial credit for it.  “The deal on [the] Iran nuclear program is based on the approach articulated by President Vladimir Putin,” according to a tweet by the Russian Foreign Ministry Tuesday.  Putin also let it be known that the Kremlin’s relations with Iran will no longer have to be “influenced by external factors.”  Russia, it would seem, has plans to benefit from the nuclear deal, because of how much power and autonomy it gives Iran, which, in turn, makes Iran an ally with much more to offer the Russians than before the deal was struck.

Iran and Russia are the main supporters of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, and both regimes also oppose the policies of Saudi Arabia.  With a stronger partner in the Middle East, Putin can devote more resources to pursuing his geopolitical goals in Eastern Europe.


History Echoes: the Iran Deal Is the Treaty of Hudaibiyyah

Iran Nuke DealLess than two years after making a ten-year peace treaty with the city of Mecca, known as the Treaty of Hudaibiyyah, Muhammad returned with an army and conquered the city.  When Muhammad made the treaty, he was not strong enough to take Mecca, so a treaty was to his advantage.  But when, at last, it became to Muhammad’s advantage to break the treaty, Allah gave Muhammad permission to break it, because doing so was to the advantage of Islam.  Thus, treaty-breaking is good, if it becomes advantageous to Islam to do so.  And Iran, as an adherent to Sharia Law, also practices taqiyya—sacred lying—when making agreements with non-Muslims, in order to gain advantages.


The Jihadist Scorpion and the Infidel Bullfrog: A Cautionary Tale

A Jihadist Scorpion and a non-Muslim Bullfrog stood on the bank of a wide river.  They were keeping a safe distance from one another.  But then the Scorpion spoke: “I need to cross the river but cannot swim.  I need a ride.”

“But, Scorpion, taking you on my back would be my death,” replied the Bullfrog.  “After all, you are a Scorpion with a deadly sting and a suicidal ideology. My life would be needlessly lost.”

To this, the Scorpion responded, saying, “But this agreement is to our mutual benefit.  I love to praise Allah and wish to live.  Anyway, our truce must endure for only ten minutes.”

So the Bullfrog was convinced: “Okay, then.  Get on my back.  We shall cross together!”

Two minutes into the crossing, the Bullfrog felt the deadly prick of the Scorpion’s stinger.  “What have you done?” he asked.  “Now we both shall drown!”

“It’s my nature,” said the Scorpion, in a matter-of-fact tone.  “And while you love Life, I am, in fact, in love with Death.  Now I go to Paradise.  Allahu akbar!”

Moral to the Story: Making nuclear arms treaties with doctrinaire Muslims bodes ill for the preservation of life.


Peace in Our Time?

Although President Obama claimed the deal will prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, giving us peace in our time, so to speak, Israeli leaders—who know the enemy well and are more realistic about the deal—are saying it would actually serve to guarantee the emergence of a nuclear Iran.  Indeed, the deal has become weaker over time, becoming worse with each passing month of negotiation.  The final terms are nothing less than disastrous.

The terms of the agreement stipulate that the Iranian regime must limit nuclear enrichment for eight years, which is down from the ten-year term originally promised by Obama.  And the Iranian regime must limit its research, agreeing to international oversight, even with respect to its facility at Fordow, which had been considered illegal but will now be allowed.  And what if there are other illegal facilities, unknown to us at present?  What happens in terms of monitoring such facilities?


Lifting Sanctions: Iran Receives a Bonanza to Spend on Murder and Terror

Under the deal, international sanctions will be dropped, and it will become very difficult to institute new ones, since no new sanctions are to be applied without a special dispute resolution process that is to be put in place to protect the Iranians.  Iran will grant very restricted access to international inspectors who wish to visit nuclear sites, and, incredulously, no visit can be made on demand, but, in most cases, two weeks’ notice must be given!  This is plenty of time to allow portable assets to be moved and hidden.  If Iran breaks any terms of the agreement, with regard to these inspections, nothing happens, unless a legal case is first fully heard and arbitrated by a Joint Commission.  Iran will be represented on the Commission, and, if Iran loses a case, sanctions cannot be re-imposed, unless the infraction is judged to be a case of “significant non-performance.”


The Broken 60-Day Promise

Iran-nuclearThe nuclear agreement says that the UN Security Council is to take up the issue of sanctions relief “without delay,” even though this breaks President Obama’s word that he would give the US Congress 60 days to review any agreement, before any of its terms might go into effect.  Of course, this is the same president who lied to Americans by saying that “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period!”  So, what the president has managed to do is this: he has basically started the lifting of economic sanctions, without approval of any of its terms by the Congress, per his promise to the American people.


Iran’s Vows Continued Conflict

The Islamic Republic of Iran is broadcasting, on its airwaves, claims that Iran has been given permission, by treaty, to continue to build Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, which they are doing, in order to achieve the means by which they will attack Israel and America.

Right up to signing the treaty, Iran would not back off its promise to destroy Israel, once the treaty is approved.  It has also said that its goal of destroying the Great Satan—America—is non-negotiable.  So, to be clear, Iran has not promised to be peaceful; in fact, they are pledging to do just the opposite: All sponsored terrorism will continue.

The Quds Force, headed by Qasem Suleimani—Iran’s Heinrich Himmler—will eventually see their sanctions also lifted.  This is like telling Hitler there will be no more sanctions against his SS (Schutzstaffel).


The Two Sides of Obama’s Mouth

Out of one side of his mouth, President Obama said, “I welcome a robust debate in Congress on this issue, and I welcome scrutiny of the details of this agreement.”  But from the other side of Obama’s mouth came this warning: “I will veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of this deal.”  So, which is it?  The first statement implies that his administration has done its best to arrive at a deal, and now it is up to Americans—through their representatives in the Congress—to decide whether or not they like it.  The second statement, however, refutes the notion that Americans should decide the fate of America with regard to such an important matter.  The veto, according to Obama, will happen as a matter of course.


Terms of the Deal

Read all about the Iran nuclear deal, right here. Get out your spectacles.  It is over 150 pages of reading.


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