Obama’s Big State of the Union Lie – His Special Guest was a Planted Shill

Obama’s State-of-the-Union Mendacity: Rebekah Erler Was a Shill


“Ignorance is strength.”  —George Orwell


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Counterfeit Hard-luck Heroine Sits Next to First Lady

Rush Limbaugh, on his radio broadcast of January 21, 2015, revealed an interesting new twist in the history of State of the Union Addresses: The President of the United States, for the first time in the history of American presidential speeches, used an audience member as a shill in a bona fide confidence game he was running as a frame for his entire speech.

Rebekah Erler was Michelle Obama’s guest at the State of the Union Address last night, and President Obama maintained throughout the evening that Ms. Erler had written him a letter back in March of 2014, describing her trials and tribulations and explaining how Obama’s economic recovery had saved her and her husband from dire circumstances.  It was a nice story, except for one thing—none of it was true!  Rebekah Erler is a fraud.


Will the Real Rebekah Erler Please Stand Up?

So who is Rebekah Erler, really?  She is a former Democrat campaign staffer who has posed as a shill for Obama’s political events in the past.  Erler has also worked as a campaign operative for Senator Patty Murray (D-WA).

SOTU guestsAccording to Rush Limbaugh, “She was a plant.  She’s a former Democrat campaign staffer for Senator Patty Murray.  She has been used as a plant prior to this night by Obama for the exact same purpose.  She’s not a real success story.  She is bought and paid for by the Democrat Party.  And she had a job last night.  She was assigned to portray an average American citizen seated next to Michelle (My Belle) Obama during the State of the Union show.”  It is, indeed, a good thing that America has people like Rush Limbaugh, because, if there were no one to keep such a close eye on what this president is doing on a daily basis, the rest of America would be the poorer.


Obama’s Economic Dishonesty

This mendacity on the part of our president begs the following question: Why use a shill?  If Obamanomics really works, why not go out and find a real person who has benefited from his policies?  Could it be that the success story he is conning us about is actually so rare that he cannot find anybody that it applies to?  Rush Limbaugh himself has been quick to point out that there should be many such success stories out there, if Obamanomics has actually been working.

The truth is that there has been no real recovery to speak of.  Not even the Democrat media have been reporting an enhanced recovery of any sort.  And if what Ms. Erler says is true, then the media should have been reporting on this since March of 2014, since that is when she is purported to have written the letter of her great success in overcoming adversity.


Lenny Skutnik’s Consecration of Hallowed Ground

In order to point out just how sacrosanct the seat next to the First Lady of the United States is at such an event as the State of the Union, Limbaugh decided to compare Rebekah Erler to Lenny Skutnik, the first hero ever featured at a presidential speech with squatting rights next to the First Lady.  Mr. Skutnik sat next to Nancy Reagan, and he earned the privilege when he jumped into the freezing Potomac to save the life of Priscilla Tirado.

What had happened was this: Florida Flight 90 crashed into the Potomac River after it had struck the 14th Street Bridge, crushing seven occupied vehicles on the bridge.  The airplane was carrying 74 passengers and five crewmembers.  Four passengers and one crewmember survived.  Lenny Skutnik was one of the rescuers.  He jumped into the icy river to rescue Priscilla Tirado, a woman who was too weak to hold onto the life-line thrown to her be a rescue helicopter.  This event transpired on January 13, 1982, and was immortalized by President Ronald Reagan, in his State of the Union Address of January 26, 1982, when he referred to Lenny Skutnik’s deed as “American heroism at its finest.”

The heroic caliber of Lenny Skutnik’s act is the reason that Rush Limbaugh regards the privileged seat next to the First Lady at a State of the Union as “hallowed ground.”  Only heroes or heroines of the high quality of a Lenny Skutnik should be allowed to sit there.  How profane is this Rebekah Erler subterfuge by President Obama!  It is more than dishonest; it is sacrilege!


But Maybe It Is True Anyway

Well, what if Ms. Erler’s story is true, nevertheless?  One might wonder if this could be so.  Rush Limbaugh addressed this speculation on his Wednesday show as well, and here is why he decried such a notion as absolute balderdash: “If this woman’s a legitimate, real, breathing hardship case as Obama portrayed it, well, in real life, she’s a Democrat campaign staffer.  They must not pay those people very much.  They must not have many benefits for them.  They must not have a whole lot of compassion for ’em. Because this woman was sitting out there with her family and her children, and she was biting the dust. She was eating the dirt.”

And we all know that Democrats—being as compassionate as they are—would never allow their own staffers to suffer like this woman did, right?  Would that not go against their whole philosophy of equal pay for women and paying people living wages for every job in the economy?


The Frame

President Obama opened his speech with reference to Ms. Erler, and he closed his speech the same way.  So, the beginning and ending of the speech made for a fraudulent framing of the entire narrative the president presented.  It should be no surprise at all, then, that the entire content of the speech, on close inspection, proves to be just as problematic.

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