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If Obama loves ObamaCare so much, then he and his family should be forced to accept the same insurance coverage middle class Americans will receive! The bureaucrats too many times set up a system for US but not for THEM. Let’s FORCE these elitists to submit to the same laws they want for us!

The ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchanges opened on October 1, 2013, to begin offering health plan benefits, as mandated by the Patient Privacy and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Against all reports to the contrary, Barack Obama continues to state that health care costs and insurance rates will decrease in the new, “competitive” market; and that benefits will be better, i.e. – “better benefits, stronger protections, more bang for your buck.”

We provide the following, as evidence that Mr. Obama’s claims are false, and demand that he and his family be required to accept the same, basic-level health insurance coverage that the majority of Americans will, undoubtedly, have no choice but to accept; because their existing plans will be unaffordable.

Bottom Line: If ObamaCare is so great, then Mr. Obama and his family should happily accept the same level coverage that middle class America will inevitably receive. Whereas: According to a report by the Society of Actuaries, Health insurance costs are expected to increase; because ObamaCare regulations are causing medical claims costs to become more expensive to process;

Whereas: A report released by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, chronicles the massive premium increases awaiting Americans when full implementation of ObamaCare occurs. It is expected to increase individual health insurance premiums by an average of nearly 100 percent. In some cases, premiums could rise by 400 percent;

Whereas: ObamacareFacts.com, reports that a basic “bronze” level health care plan will cover only 60% of out of pocket health care costs and offers basic coverage. Plans range from the basic “Bronze” (60%) to “Silver” (70%) more expensive “Gold” (80%) and “Platinum” (90%) level plans. High-end plans carry a 40% excise tax which helps pay for the program;

Whereas: Because of sky-rocketing premiums and health care costs, many Americans will not be able to maintain their existing “silver,” “gold,” or “platinum” level health care coverage; or they may be penalized for doing so through an excise tax. Some customers are already receiving letters from their health insurance providers notifying them of increased, unaffordable premiums. At best, Americans may be able to afford “bronze” level coverage, or be forced to hold out for Medicaid expansion; despite the fact that Barack Obama has touted that ObamaCare will “deliver the security of quality, affordable health care”;

Whereas: Many details about premiums, out-of-pocket costs, benefits; and which doctors, hospitals and drugs the plans will cover remain up in the air, less than two months before enrollment is scheduled to begin Oct. 1;

Therefore: We demand and expect that if Barack Obama insists on moving forward with his indefensible “Affordable Health Care Act,” that when the health insurance exchanges open on October 1, 2013, Barack Obama be required to take advantage of the basic, bronze level health insurance coverage that the majority of Americans will most likely be financially forced to accept. If the Patient Privacy and Affordable Care Act includes all of the wonderful benefits that Barack Obama has claimed, then this bronze level coverage should be quite sufficient to provide his family with quality, affordable health care that delivers “more bang for his buck.”

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