Obamacare Collapse Upsets Chicago Tribune

The perpetual Obamacare collapse is causing another round of pain in Illinois.

The ongoing Obamacare collapse means another round of price increases. The cost of health insurance might go up 43 percent for many people. It is so bad, that the Chicago editorial board complained about it and even pointed out that Barack Obama made false promises about it. Nevertheless, they sold Obamacare when conservatives were warning them it would be a disaster.

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board posts, “Another Obamacare whack for Illinois: Price hikes of 43 percent?

On Tuesday, federal officials released the Obamacare rates for Illinois in 2018. Insurers propose to hike health insurance prices by as much as 43 percent next year for those who buy coverage through Obamacare exchanges. That’s on top of nosebleed-section rate increases of more than 40 percent for 2017.

So this is success? We’d hate to see failure. And those promises from candidate Barack Obama that a universal health care bill would “cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year”? Hmm.

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Not that these serial Illinois rate leaps are a surprise. Other states have already released preliminary rates, and many are seeking average increases greater than 30 percent for the next year. Illinois consumers are just the latest to get whacked — although with even worse-than-average news.

These rate shocks are the latest sign that Obamacare remains in deep distress. Too many younger, healthy people are snubbing insurance, opting to pay relatively small fines.

Despite all this, they insist Republicans fix Obamacare to deliver on Obama’s BS promises. They want the GOP to make a square circle. The Democrats couldn’t do it because it is impossible.

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