Is Obama the “Weakest” and “Worst President in Modern History?

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) was holding nothing back on Thursday during an interview on Fox News.

He chose to use his TV time in a most judicious manner – by attacking President Obama for his illegal efforts to pass Executive Amnesty. He cited it as one of the reasons that President Obama’s presidency is one of the “worst in modern history”!

Corker made some other memorable comments saying that the President’s refusal to work with Congress reminds him of “a 13-year old” who just “wants to be important again.”

obama worst president everSenator Corker also called the President “ineffective” and “weak” (a word he used multiple times) to describe President Obama.

Another tough moment was when Senator Corker attacked the beloved Democrat mythology that the world respects us more when a Democrat is in the White House. Corker said that President Obama is “disrespected” worldwide implying (rightly so) that many foreign leaders (and nations) see our President as a weak and ineffectual leader.



Partial Comments from Corker’s Senate Page:

“This president is not acting in strength, he is acting in weakness. Unless lightning strikes, it will be the worst presidency in modern history,” said Corker.

“There has to be a response, no question. But it has to be a response that enables us to continue to move our nation ahead, remembering that this president will be gone in two years,” Corker continued. “He’s incredibly weak, and candidly, he is doing these things because he doesn’t have the ability to lead and is not willing to put the effort out to do the work to actually cause things to pass in Congress.”

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