Obama is Trying to Hobble America before He Leave Office

It’s a hard thing to say about anybody, but I do believe that President Obama has it in for America. He’s not “in over his head” as many conservatives claim. He knows exactly what he’s doing. And because there is no push back from the Republicans, he’s retrofitting America with a new operating system that would be unrecognizable by our nation’s founders.

Of course, he’s not the first to manipulate the Constitution. It’s been a long progress.

The Constitution is passé. Liberals only pay attention to it when they can manipulate it. Otherwise they ignore it.

We won’t understand how different Obama’s made America until all the judges he’s appointed start making judgments. We’re already seeing how past judicial appointments are affecting people. Single judges and panels of judges can rule against voters in states and overrule state legislators. If they can do this on the issue of same-sex marriage, then they can do it on anything.

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Obama wants to decapitalize America by taxing its most productive citizens and businesses. He tried to tax tax-free college savings plans, so it’s not just the rich he’s after. It’s anybody who makes more than the next guy. Liberals have always started at the top and worked their way down. The original income tax amendment was sold as a way to tax the most wealthy people. Look how that has turned out.

Now Obama wants more taxes on inheritances and foreign profits on American companies. Why do companies take work overseas? Because it’s cheaper. Corporate tax rates in the United States are high. If politicians want to get these companies to return to the United States, then lower their taxes. It’s that simple.

We’re now learning that Obama is running a shadow government that only he and his minions control.

Obama is pushing a $4 trillion budget. His goal is to decimate the job-creating engine in the name of economic justice and income equality…
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